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Guest Essay: Maurice Broaddus: ‘Faith in the Fantastic’

I’m busy guest blogging all over the place as we get nearer to the release date of Dark Faith: Invocations.  Today I’m over at Suvudu.

Speculative fiction has a bit of an uneasy relationship with religion. On the one hand, Stephen King has considered horror writers as little more than moralists as they explore the nature of evil. On the other, some people of faith are concerned that books like Harry Potter might lead children down the path to witchcraft. Still, faith plays an important role not only in the lives of people, but also in the stories we create.
I have a broader definition of faith than some folks…

… continued on the Suvudu site.

Coming Soon … Dark Faith: Invocations

Set to debut at WorldCon, but now up for pre-order:

“Subletting God’s Head” by Tom Piccirilli

“The Cancer Catechism” by Jay Lake

“The Big Blue Peacock” by Nick Mamatas

“Kill the Buddha” by Elizabeth Twist

“Robotnik” by Lavie Tidhar

“Prometheus Possessed” by Matt Cardin

“Night Train” by Alma Alexander

“The Sandfather” by Richard Wright

“Sacrifice” by Jennifer Pelland

“Thou Art God” by Tim Waggoner

“Wishflowers” by Tim Pratt

“Coin Drop” by Richard Dansky

“Starter Kit” by R.J. Sullivan

“A Little Faith” by Max Allan Collins and Matthew Clemens

“The Revealed Truth” by Mike Resnic

“God’s Dig” by Kelly Eiro

“The Divinity Boutique” by Brian J. Hatcher

“The Birth of Pegasus” by K. Tempest Bradford

“All This Pure Light Leaking In” by LaShawn M. Wanak

“Fin De Siécle” by Gemma Files

“The Angel Seems” by Jeffrey Ford

“Magdala Amygdala” by Lucy A. Snyder

“A Strange Form of Life” by Laird Barron

“In Blood and Song” by Nisi Shawl and Michael Ehart

“Little Lies, Dear Leader” by Kyle S. Johnson

“I Inhale the City, the City Exhales Me” by Douglas F. Warrick

I will reiterate what I posted on Twitter not too long ago that diversity is not difficult to achieve if you have a diverse Rolodex* and a diverse life.  Jerry Gordon has a breakdown of some of the stats on his blog that you may find of interest.

*Yeah, I said Rolodex.  I also used to listen to things called records.

Obligatory Generic Tweet Day Blog Post

From today’s Twitter feed …

I need to actually get some writing done today.  So I’m going to do a day’s tweets in an hour. #generictweetday

[insert morning salutations to tweeps here] #generictweetday

[insert an ode to a love of coffee here] @calvinfletcher #generictweetday

[insert a complaint of weather and/or traffic here] #generictweetday

[insert complaint about my co-workers here] #generictweetday

[insert what I’m eating here.]  [imagine a twitpic here] #generictweetday

[insert an inspirational writing quote here] #generictweetday

[insert daily word count here] [not too high or teh interwebz may balk @briankeene] #generictweetday

[insert comment on genre interwebz fail here.] [there’s got to be one out there somewhere] #generictweetday

[insert pretending to hobnob w/ writers who actually don’t know I exist here.] @realjohngreen @warrenellis @neilhimself #generictweetday

[insert moment of geek love here.] #MagicTheGathering  #generictweetday

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[insert alert for a new blog post here.] #generictweetday


My Freelancing Day

Now that I’ve committed to freelancing during this season of life, I’ve realized that I have to be more disciplined about schedule.  I’ve come to realize that I need to get up, get dressed, and go to the “office.”  Otherwise, I remain unbathed, unshaven, in pajamas, watching television, with several Gchat windows open, and playing Words with Friends on Facebook.

My schedule is pretty much shaped around my sons’ school schedule and making sure family time is carved out in the evening.  So overall, me making time to write looks like this:

7 a.m. – 11 a.m. – writing time

12 p.m. – 3 p.m. – volunteer work

3 p.m. – 6 p.m. – business

11 p.m. – 2 a.m. – writing time

So I get up at 6:30 a.m. to make it to the office (read:  Calvin Fletcher coffeeshop) on time.  This time is set aside for blogs, freelance blogs, articles, and fiction.  At the moment I have no looming deadlines, so I can take some time to do a few blogs for me.  As the paying gig deadlines pile up, I have to go radio silent on my blog.

After about four hours, I need a break to relax my creative muscle.  That’s when I typically take meetings or do volunteer work.  The three places I focus on are Stop the Violence (gang intervention), Outreach Inc (homeless teens), A New Way of Life (adult homeless men), which probably comes as no shock to regular readers of my fiction.

Business is code for stuff I can get done once my sons are home and bringing their after school energy with them.  This typically means replying to e-mail, doing grant searches, doing social media, and/or taking a nap (<– I don’t care what you think, my naps are SERIOUS BUSINESS).  After that it’s dedicated family time until they all go to bed then I can squeeze in some more writing.

I’m probably more disciplined about my work than when I had a “regular” job.