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Context – Where I’ll Be!


September 26 – 28, 2014

Columbus, OH


Building Your Brand (Workshop)

(Friday, September 26th, 3pm-5pm)

You’re not just selling books — you’re selling your writing persona and your platform. Learn how to share your platform by gaining online followers without selling your soul to the devil. Maurice Broaddus gives real data on what has helped him gain readers.  ($20, 2 hours.)


Building a World Without Mice Helping (10:00am Saturday)

The depth of your world is essential. Whether a distant planet or a fictionalized version of your hometown, worlds should be able to be touched, smelled, seen, and heard…and make sense.  Our panelists discuss the good, bad, and just plain puzzling worldbuilding in fiction today, along with tips and advice to make your fictional world real.
Lit/Genre expectations (noon Saturday)
What’s the difference between magical realism and urban fantasy? Science fiction and literature? Genre may have been a marketing tool, but in these days it can help us find what we want to read and markets to sell our stories to.  But what makes all these genres distinct?  Our panelists look at the state of genres today and try to make sense of it all.


Characters vs. Characterization (3:00pm Saturday)
Simply having interesting characters isn’t enough;  it’s also how you portray and reveal them.  Our panelists give good (and bad) examples of characters and the techniques of characterization.


The Art of the Short Story (5:00pm Saturday)

Short stories are not just sections of a larger work.  They are different in form and function.  Our panelists will examine several examples and talk about the differences in crafting – and reading – short stories.










Imaginarium – Where I’ll be

imaginarium-design-finalLooks like I’ll be pretty easy to find at Imaginarium this weekend in Louisville, KY:


Saturday 10:00 AM Ask an Author: Urban Fantasy/Horror
Saturday 4:00 PM World Building 101
Saturday 5:00 PM Steampunk Today
Sunday 12:00 PM Imaginator Q&A


All other times, I’ll probably be in the bar.

To Costume or Not to Costume

famIt’s almost that time of year again.  That season of many of our family’s traditions.  Many of them started accidentally, but they’ve accumulated over time.  I knew from way back when that I wanted a few traditions or rituals that would define my family, something to know and call our own.  Something our kids could count on and remember when they reflect on their childhood later on.  I’m not afraid to admit most of them revolve around us dressing up in costumes.  The way things stand now, Halloween (and the multi-day event it has become since it is my wife’s favorite holiday) is the unofficial opening to this season.  But we may have to start earlier.

With Gencon barely a couple of weeks in my rearview mirror, I’m already feeling a bit of costume envy.  My god-daughters and their father, one of my dearest friends, showed up each day in full costume.  There’s a fine line I try to walk, between that of convention professionalism and fanboy cosplay.  Even when my own sons used to come down in costumes, since I was doing “author” Maurice stuff, I didn’t get into costume.

Broadus-61Though my friend almost had me talked into it.  I’ll admit, if he’d made the Iron Man Joker and Iron Man-Batman costumes for me and him, I would have cracked.  I’d have even done my urban fantasy panel in it.  I’d have liked to see Jim Butcher and Larry Correia debate me if I’m in full armor.

Of course we’re about to enter Halloween season and my same extended family wants to throw a steampunk party (which means I may have to re-think whether the Broaddus family Christmas part will keep its steampunk theme).  I have just over a month to get this costume assembled, but with a series of steampunk stories coming out next year, I may have a costume or two for GenCon which I can count as looking professional.

In the meantime, I guess we’re due for some updated Broaddus family photos.