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Live Tweeting Me Writing

maple-crossingDoing some #placemaking writing at 39th and Illinois for a few hours. #maplecrossing

The pop up storefront I’m working at. A man just came by to take pics of it for a set design idea. #maplecrossing

This is the first time I’ve had to remember to stay hydrated while writing. #placemaking #amwriting #maplecrossing

And now the typical thoughts start to creep in while I’m trying to write… #amwriting

That’s stupid. #amwriting

That’s boring. #amwriting

There’s got to be a better word for that. #amwriting

That’s no way to open a story. #amwriting

You know what, put down something and come back to fix it later. #amwriting

ARGH! #amwriting

It’s been an hour. You have two paragraphs done. #amwriting

*starts randomly texting friends* #amwriting #callsitwritingtimeanyway

Why won’t this character cooperate? Stop thinking and do something. #amwriting

Every time a cop car rolls by, I keep fearing I’m going to be questioned. #writingwhileblack #amwriting #placemaking #maplecrossing

I wonder what I should have for lunch. #amwriting

*gets distracted by social media* *decides to call it “research time”* #amwriting

Is this boring? I think it’s boring. I might have a boring first page. At least it’s a page. But I’m not getting attached. #amwriting

You know you don’t have to include every idea you brainstormed, right? #amwriting

Or every bit of research. #amwriting

A lady in the neighborhood just handed me some wipes and told me to get out of the sun before I start talking to myself like a crazy person.


GenCon Schedule

Gen Con 2016 will return to the Indiana Convention Center August 4-7 for THE BEST FOUR DAYS IN GAMING.

Gen Con is the original, longest running, and best-attended gaming convention in the world. Gen Con 2016 will feature more than 15,000 events taking place over the four-day weekend. Last year, Gen Con set an attendance record with more than 61,000 unique attendees coming from all 50 states, every Canadian province, and more than 54 countries. For the first time ever, Gen Con will offer programming in the Lucas Oil Stadium exhibition space. According to tourism group Visit Indy, Gen Con drives more than $67 million in annual activity to the city of Indianapolis.

For those wondering where to catch up with me, here you go:

Thursday, August 4th
4:00pm Business of Writing: Courting Controversy

Friday, August 5th
9:00am CrowdFunding 101
11:00am Writing Novels: Story Breadcrumbs
1:00pm Writer’s Craft: Epic Scenes
3:00pm Writing Novels: Ending it Right

Saturday, August 6th
12:00pm Writer’s Craft: Is Your Story Ready to Submit?
1:00pm Worldbuilding 101
3:00pm Signing

Then again, I live here, so I’m pretty easy to find here.