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Here’s my interview with Victor LaValle (and if you’re not reading Victor LaValle, you’re doing yourself a great disservice).

Here are the essays from the three editors of the issue, Silvia Moreno-Garcia (fiction), Tananarive Due (reprints), and myself (non-fiction).


Streets of Shadows, the exciting crime meets urban fantasy anthology collection, edited by Maurice Broaddus and Jerry Gordon, it features an array of stories from great writers:

streets-of-shadows-front-cover-sneak-peek“What I Am” – Tom Piccirilli

“A Game of Cards” – A.C. Wise

“Shooting Aphrodite” – Gary Kloster

“Santa Muerte” – Lucy A. Snyder and Daniel R. Robichaud

“Morrigan’s Girls” – Gerard Brennan

“Such Faces We Wear, Such Masks We Hide” – Damien Angelica Walters

“The Man Who Has Been Killing Kittens” – Douglas F. Warrick

“The Large Man” – Paul Tremblay

“Unfilial Child” – Laurie Tom

“Street Worm” – Nisi Shawl

“Der Kommissar’s In Town” – Nick Mamatas

“The Shadow People” – Brandon Massey

streets-of-shadows-wrap-around-cover“Hand Fast” – Kristine Kathryn Rusch

“Beware of Dog” – Kevin J. Anderson

“Stay: A Tale of the Spellmason Chronicles” – Anton Strout

“God Needs Not the Future” – Jason Sizemore

“Relics” – Tim Lebbon

“Cold Fear” – Lucien Soulban

“In Vino Veritas” – Tim Waggoner and Michael West

“Best Served Cold” – Seanan McGuire

“Toby’s Closet” – Jonathan Maberry


Now available for order here!





With Dark Faith: Invocations finally being out, we’ve been all over the place trying to get the word out.  But rather than do blog after blog on everything that goes up, I’m doing a one-stop shopping kind of post:

-Don’t know where to start?  The Apex Books Gateway Guide: Dark Faith Invocations is always happy to help.frontcover_02

-Elizabeth Twist talks about the inspiration for her story, Kill the Buddha.

-Richard Wright talks about his story, The Sandfather

-Because we’re not afraid of free samples, here’s Jennifer Pelland’s Sacrifice

-Speaking of free samples, here’s a reading of K. Tempest Bradford’s story,  The Birth of Pegasus (with an assist by Mary Robinette Kowal)


Fangoria reviews Dark Faith: Invocations (my fanboy heart skips a beat)

-Rue Morgue Issue #126 has a great write up on Dark Faith: Invocations

SpecMusicMuse Review – Dark Faith: Invocations



[GUEST INTERVIEW] Alvaro Zinos-Amaro’s Crackpot Questions for Maurice Broaddus

Interview with Maurice Broaddus & Jerry Gordon

Wag the Fox discusses slush piles with me

Apex goes all investigative reporter on me

SpecMusicMuse wants to discuss faith and music

-Celebrate Knoxville has an October Frights: featured author Maurice Broaddus

Interview with Maurice Broaddus & Jerry Gordon



A Conversation With Author Maurice Broaddus on Speculative Fiction, the Craft of Writing, Race and Science Fiction, and C.L. Bryant

BOSS FIGHT: Maurice Broaddus – Dark Faith Invocations

Showcase: 20 Minutes with Maurice Broaddus (with the greatest introduction of me ever!)

Workshop: Episode 34 (Guest Host: Maurice Broaddus)

In Which Maurice Broaddus And I Talk About Dark Faith (And Politics)

Writing Excuses 7.40: Writing the Other (not specifically on Dark Faith:  Invocations, but this was just awesome!)

Episode 119 – Maurice Broaddus and Jerry L. Gordon (we always have a great time with these guys – Our interview starts at the 18:20 mark if you’re feeling impatient)

SF Diner (Episode 151): Our Interview with Maurice Broaddus and Jerry Gordon, Editors of the Dark Faith Anthologies (I’ve really got to stop drinking during podcasts!)





As the promotional efforts for Dark Faith begin in earnest, Apex Book Company has been running a series of mini-interviews with some of the contributors called Dark Faith: DEVOTIONS. I’ve been loving the responses and want to collect the links to them here. And take a moment to appreciate how much my friends love and respect me…  Dark Faith

[Here is the Dark Faith Blog]


Alethea Kontis – “The God of Last Moments”

Mary Robinette Kowal – “Ring Road”

D.T. Friedman – “Paint Box, Puzzle Box”

Wrath James White – “He Who Would Not Bow”

Tom Piccirilli – “Scrawl”

Jennifer Pelland – “Ghosts of New York”

Nick Mamatas – “The Last Words of Dutch Schultz Jesus Christ”

Ekaterina Sedia – “You Dream”

Lucy A. Snyder – “Miz Ruthie Pays Her Respects”

Linda D. Addison – “The Story of Non-Belief”

Rain Graves – “Lilith”

Richard Dansky – “The Mad Eyes of the King Heron”

Lavie Tidhar – “To the Jerusalem Crater”

Geoffrey Girard – “First Communions”

Kelli Dunlap – “Good Enough”

John C. Hay – “A Loss for Words”

Matt Cardin – “Chimeras & Grotesqueries”

Richard Wright – “Sandboys”

Chesya Burke – “The Unremembered”


Catherynne M. Valente – The Days of Flaming Motorcycles


SHORT STORY: “The Last Stand of the Ant Maker” by Paul Jessup

SHORT STORY: “City of Refuge” by Jerry Gordon

AUDIO FICTION: “City of Refuge” by Jerry Gordon (read by Maurice Broaddus)

DARK FAITH Roundtable: Gary A. Braunbeck, Jay Lake, Nick Mamatas, and Catherynne M. Valente

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Adventures in Reading – Ghosts of New York and Other News

B&N Community – Give Me Something to Believe In: Spiritual Quests and the Search for Truth in SF and Fantasy


On my end, I have the unprecedented (in my career thus far) problem (and hopefully this will be a recurring “problem”) of promoting two projects at a time. Thus, the latest bouts of interviews (though King Maker was mentioned in Publishers Weekly all on its own):

Fantasy Magazine – Editing Dark Faith

Examiner.com – Maurice Broaddus has ‘Dark Faith’

Random Musings – Interview with Maurice Broaddus

Innsmouth Free Press – Interview: Maurice Broaddus

Horrow Web – Maurice Broaddus and Jerry Gordon

Omnivoracious – Jeff Vandermeer – King Maker Maurice Broaddus on the Anthology “Dark Faith”

The Occult Detective – Soul Searching with Maurice Broaddus

SCN Book Review: Dark Faith anthology

Publishing Dark Faith: An Interview With Jason Sizemore


The Dead Robot Society’s Podcast – Episode 132 – A Discussion of Dark Faith

The Funky Werepig:  Mo*Con V live!


B&N Community – Give me Something to Believe In:  Spiritual Quests and the Search for Truth in SF and Fantasy

Shroud Magazine

Publisher’s Weekly

Suvudu – Looking at the Shadow Side of Belief with “Dark Faith”


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Choat Road

Booklist:  What questions would you ask Jesus if he returned on the eve of an apocalypse and granted every surviving human a personal audience? If a Zen Buddhist were consigned to Hell, would he suffer the torments of the damned or remain blissfully serene? These are some of the questions explored in this distinctive collection focusing on philosophical conundrums presented by religious faith. Thirty-one tales and poems from some of the horror genre’s most talented writers cover quite a spectrum of inquiry. Jennifer Pelland’s “Ghosts of New York” finds the World Trade Center jumpers on 9/11 endlessly reliving their terrifying plummets to earth. An autistic girl who becomes miraculously lucid in Chesya Burke’s “The Unremembered” spurns the priest who mistakes her miracle for a Christian one. A saintly boy found murdered in Ekatarina Sedia’s “You Dream” haunts a woman’s nightmares. While the overall quality is mixed, and the selections lean heavily on shock value rather than subtlety, there are enough provocative scenarios here to provide hours of faith-challenging entertainment. –Carl Hays