me and comics


Here is a tentative list of where you can find me in 2019:

Afrofuture Fridays – the second Friday of the month, I’ll be at the Kheprw Institute leading a community conversation on Afrofuturism and applying those themes to community work. Supported by the Indiana Humanities, January we’ll be watching and discussing “Sorry to Bother You”, February – April we’ll be doing a deep dive into the works of N.K. Jemisin, and May 2nd will be a joint session with Mo*Con and The Build.

CONFUSION – Detroit, MI – January 18-21

Worldbuilding Workshop (9am at the Indiana Writers Center) – Indianapolis, IN – January 26

In this course you will learn about one of the special concerns of speculative fiction:  world-building. Setting is an important part of any story. More particular to the speculative fiction writer is the world-building aspect of setting. Our job is to out-imagine our readers. The writer needs to make sure that their world operates within a consistent system. We will develop a basic checklist of items to think through as you build the universe for your characters to play in.

Speed City Sisters in Crime – Indianapolis, IN – February 23

Grants for Writers – Need money to go to a convention?  Need the financial space to level up in your career? Need to travel to research for your next project? There are plenty of resources available to the enterprising writer. Learn what some of the grant opportunities that we have here in our state and some best practices in applying for them.

International Conference of the Fantastic in the Arts – Orlando, FL – March 13-16

Mo*Con – Indianapolis, IN – May 3-5

Indy Popcon – Indianapolis, IN – June 7 – 9

Fourth Street Fantasy Convention – Minneapolis, MN – June 13-15

Clarion – San Diego, CA – June 30 – August 6

Shared World – Wofford College, SC – July 21 – 27

Scares that Cares – Williamsburg, VA – August 2 – 4

Killercon – Austin, TX – August 16 – 18

Kellogg Writers Series – University of Indianapolis, IN – October 30


[Check back often, because this list gets updated regularly]