Re-Group – 11/11/20 (w/ Anna Powell Denton)

You are an entrepreneur with Anna Powell Denton

Are you a hustler? Is your creative practice a business? Should it be? Anna’s answers to these questions keep her creative life nimble and thriving even in uncertainty.

– Redefining yourself: how do you promote yourself to create the work you want to do?
-How do you define entrepreneurship for yourself? What are the qualities you could build something with?

Anna Powell Denton is a photographer and filmmaker based in Bloomington, Indiana. She works with both digital and film formats specializing in editorial portraiture and documentary photography.

“The Legacy of Alexandria” in Apex Magazine

In what be my last story for Apex Magazine for awhile (since I’m now its special fiction editor), my story “The Legacy of Alexandria” appears in the promotional mini-issue of Apex’s return from hiatus.

The Library of Alexandria

Rahim dragged a shopping cart of his belongings along the cracked sidewalk. With the highways flooded, he followed the dense foliage lining the creek which wouldn’t be much cover for him much longer if he were intent on making his way deeper into the neighborhood. If it were night, he’d be following the drinking gourd, finding the brightest jewel in the sky and following its direction. By some movement stirring his spirit he couldn’t explain, he just knew it was the right way.

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“City of Refuge” in Escape Pod: The Science Fiction Anthology

The fifteenth anniversary of the Hugo-nominated science fiction podcast Escape Pod, featuring new and exclusive stories from today’s bestselling writers.

Celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of cutting-edge science fiction from the hit podcast, Escape Pod. Escape Pod has been bringing the finest short fiction to millions of ears all over the world, at the forefront of a new fiction revolution.

This anthology gathers together fifteen stories, including new and exclusive work from writers such as from Cory Doctorow, Ken Liu, Mary Robinette Kowal, T. Kingfisher and more (including ME!). From editors Mur Laffterty and S.B. Divya comes the science fiction collection of the year, bringing together bestselling authors in celebration of the publishing phenomenon that is, Escape Pod.

City of Refuge by Maurice Broaddus

Hope was a fickle bitch. Mercurial and quixotic, the kind of woman you spent the whole week getting ready for only to have her cancel the date at the last minute.

The world was ending, but Royal Parker still had to go through the motions of a job interview. He knew as soon as he sat down across from the manager—in his ridiculous red and white striped shirt and paper hat—that he wasn’t getting the job. Despite the assurances from the Liberation Investment Support Cooperative, the corporate entity controlling the state’s infrastructure, jobs were scarce. He hated that even part of him wanted this person’s approval, that this idiot pretending to have authority held the keys of opportunity. Still, Royal tried to do all the things his counselors recommended. He shook the manager’s hand, his large, meaty hand engulfing it like a shark devouring tuna. Royal attempted to shrink into his seat to hide his hulking build, a man used to many hours a day lifting weights. As the manager bridged his fingers in front of him, Royal could see him assuming what his story was without so much of a glance at his resume dancing before him as a series of holographic projections. He’d taken note of Royal’s cautious shamble, his one eye constantly on alert over his shoulder; his cornrows, nice and neat, revealing the barest hint of gray budding at his temples. He’d always wanted to wear a linen suit for as long as he could remember. When he was inside, such a suit had the feel of reaching for something he couldn’t attain. Not that things were much different now. Sitting up straight as to not cause a crease in it, Royal smiled his best, safe, toothy grin.

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Well panel season is just about over. In the last couple weeks alone I did:

Future Telling: Past, Present, (Afro)Futurism Podcast

Multiverse Convention 2020 (Virtual)

Science Fiction and Christian Hope Panel (Upper House)

This year’s official school photo aka Mr. Broaddus 2020

And I sold a couple of short stories which I am quite pleased about (look, I never take story sales for granted and these were pieces I am quite proud of so I’m excited that they found good homes).

With that in mind, I really appreciate the support to my Patreon, which helps me continue to be active in the community. With that in mind, these months (since I was apparently slacking last month and didn’t do a round up) we look at:

-[AWESOME PICS]: with a Broaddus family photo shoot (and a return to pics of Ferb, since that’s who you all really want to see)

-[AWESOME BLOG]: some thoughts on social media privacy and lessons learned along the way to a debut novel

[BONUS AWESOME BLOG POST] My First Halloween aka Why I’m Not a Halloween Guy – a public post. Enjoy!

-[AWESOME PIMPING]: “The Mis-Education of Kurt Vonnegut” (a lost essay/story) and a peek at my upcoming middle grade novel, Unfadeable.

-[AWESOME COMMUNITY]: an update on the latest goings on in the community, plus a focus on our RE-GROUP project.

As always, I appreciate your support of my Patreon. Words cannot express how encouraging it is, especially during these dark times. I really appreciate it…and each and every one of you. Thank you!

I launched a Patreon because some friends wanted a way to help support the work that I do in the community. If you would like to support it (and receive updates on the work that’s being done) please feel free to join. Thank you so much!
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Re-Group – 10/28/20 (w/ Diop Adisa)

Why are finances so difficult? Maybe money will never be enough. Maybe our economy is a complete illusion. How would life be different if money didn’t exist? If you’re feeling like resources are scarce, let Diop introduce you to community wealth. This conversation is perfect for both your anti-establishment friends and your those with stocks and bonds. Let’s find abundance.

Diop Adisa was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. He attended Broad Ripple high school and IUPUI. He has been with the grassroots community organization Kheprw Institute (KI) since inception back in 2003. To describe him simply, he’s an artist, activist and entrepreneur. He’s also an independent hip hop artist who has worked within the Indianapolis hip hop community for the past 15 years.

“Abundance is tied to creative energy, and nothing is out of reach,”Diop Adisa shared last night in Re-Group: Virtual Working Group for Creatives.

These ideas are great, but how will you make them happen in your own life and practice?

Get to Know 2020 Genre Winner Maurice Broaddus

Science Fiction and Christian Hope Panel (Upper House)

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote that fiction reveals the truth that reality obscures. This is nowhere more evident than in science fiction, where depictions of the future are rooted in the real concerns of the present and reveal otherwise difficult truths about our world through the fantastical.

American Christians have often ignored or dismissed science fiction as irrelevant to a vibrant Christian imagination, even as well-respected Christian writers such as C.S. Lewis and Madeleine L’Engle wrote, and write, in the genre. For both Lewis and L’Engle, as well as Christian writers today, science fiction is a uniquely suited medium to depict Christian understandings of sin, redemption, and hope; the problems of the present world; and the Bible’s arc toward justice.

READ: Maurice Broaddus and LaShawn Wanak bring some real…

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Re-Group – 10/21/20 (w/ Maurice Broaddus)

Join me and my co-host, Anna Tragesser, in a virtual community of creatives figuring out life and work beyond COVID.

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Focus on your vision and creative career for 2020 and beyond while stretching your understanding of what’s possible in the creative economy.

Last week, we gathered with Maurice Broaddus to talk about longevity. After his entire life collapsed, author Maurice Broaddus rebuilt it to fuel his creativity, family and community. He’s thriving today (yes, even during a pandemic!) because he’s designed his future, and refuses to settle for anything less. Maurice will share his trusty tools for decision-making and future-building.

“Homework” assignments and prompts from this session:

1. Make your own Matrix for Opportunities
2. Write your own obituary.
3. Use these questions to journal about trusting yourself.

  • Which has more weight in my decision-making: my intellect or my intuition?
  • How often do I follow my instincts?
  • Do I regularly look to others for answers?
  • What does my intuition feel like? Where do I feel it in my body?
  • How would my life change if I trusted myself more deeply?
  • ACTION: What decision is right in front of me?

Multiverse Convention 2020 (Virtual)

GOH interview

Science Fiction from the Margins Panel

Fantasy in the Real World

Horror as a Social Platform

Future Telling: Past, Present, (Afro)Futurism Podcast

STEM Read Director Gillian King-Cargile (@gkingcargile) talks to experts in history and speculative fiction to hear how pandemics have shaped art and how this turbulent moment in world history is transforming the future of publishing and the genre. Speakers include Valerie Garver (Professor of History, Northern Illinois University), Lynne M. Thomas (Hugo Award Winning Publisher and Editor of Uncanny Magazine), Mary Robinette Kowal (Award Winning Author of the Lady Astronauts Series, President of the Board of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America), and Maurice Broaddus (Community Activist and Author of Pimp My Airship and The Usual Suspects).