Princess for a Day, King for a Sequel

Some of you may be wondering why I’m wearing a tiara (most of you probably aren’t wondering nor particularly surprised).  Well, for one it was made for me by Nisi Shawl at WisCon 2010, so I wear it with pride.  For two, I’m posting this picture (on 1/11/11 at 11:11 a.m.) in celebration of my dear friend, Alethea Kontis’ 35th birthday spectacular celebration.  Let the worldwide festivities begin!  Long live the princess!!!

Some of you may be wondering who this man is and why he appears to be taunting me with a book.  Well, he’s Nick Cato and he is.  He e-mailed me a while back to let me know that he had an ARC of King’s Justice in his hands.  He has reviewed it already, though in short, in case you were wondering, “KING’S JUSTICE is a satisfying, fast-moving trip back to Breton Court.”

An Interview with Alethea Kontis

The lovely Alethea Kontis is a woman who wears many hats: writer, producer, editor, as well as being a book buyer for the Ingram Book Company. Besides needing an excuse to post my favorite pictures of me and her, I wanted to ask her a few questions about being a book buyer as well as what this means to the careers of writers.

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