Some folks just need to be angry.

They aren’t satisfied unless some sort of turmoil is going on in their lives. They have to have targets to fight against. They have to feel persecuted, even if they have to create that scenario, because that’s how they are conditioned. So much anger, unanswered whys, frustrations; the self-loathing, the voices that tell them they cannot be loved for who they are, as they are. They just have to bubble up every so often.

Sometimes it’s how they stoke their passions, how they get themselves “up,” the anger fueling their art. Sometimes it complicates their relationships, as they push those closest around them away. Sometimes the cycle becomes a part, even an extension, of who we are. At least we imagine them to be.

It’s tough to break cycles and we can rarely do them alone.

Contrary to the principles of self-empowerment, the strengths of any one individual do not reside exclusively within, but between – in our interactions with others. Most of our problems and joys in life do not arise from our own self as much as they arise from our self-in-relationship to others.

People aren’t their cycles, they are opportunities to love. So we love them despite the cycle, because it’s who they are. We walk along side them during their calm times and help then along their spiritual and emotional journey as they mature. When they want to push us away, we hold them while they thrash themselves out. Because that’s who we are. Their friends. Their family. Their community.

*Some of us have depressive cycles. Same deal, we’re just quieter.

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