Broaddus vs. Mamatas – LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!

I just found out earlier this evening that Dark Faith made the preliminary ballot for the Bram Stoker Awards in the category of Superior Achievement in an ANTHOLOGY.  Congrats to all of our fellow nominees:

Superior Achievement in an ANTHOLOGY

  • DARK FAITH edited by Maurice Broaddus and Jerry Gordon (Apex Publications)
  • HORROR LIBRARY IV edited by R.J. Cavender and, Boyd E. Harris (Cutting Block Press)
  • CTHULHU’S DARK CULTS edited by David Conyers (Chaosium)
  • HAUNTED LEGENDS edited by Ellen Datlow and Nick Mamatas (Tor)
  • THE NEW DEAD edited by Christopher Golden (St. Martin’s Griffin)
  • BLACK WINGS edited S.T. Joshi (PS Publishing)
  • EVOLVE: VAMPIRE STORIES OF THE NEW UNDEAD edited by Nancy Kilpatrick (Edge Science Fiction & Fantasy Publishing)
  • NULL IMMORTALIS edited by D.F. Lewis (Megazanthus Press)
  • DEAD SET: A ZOMBIE ANTHOLOGY edited by Michelle McCrary and Joe McKinney (23 House Publishing)
  • SCENES FROM THE SECOND STOREY by Amanda Pillar and Pete Kempshall (Morrigan Books)

In addition to that, Catherynne Valente’s story from Dark Faith, “The Days of Flaming Motorcycles”, has also made the preliminary list for Superior Achievement in SHORT FICTION.  Jason Sizemore, big kahuna of Apex Books, is making Dark Faith readily available for Active members of the HWA to consider for the final ballot.  So please contact him at for the hook up.

(Apex Books had a pretty good showing on the preliminary ballot, as Gary Braunbeck’s book, To Each Their Darkness, also made it as a nominee for Superior Achievement in NONFICTION.)

I notice from Mr. Keene’s blog that Nick Mamatas has a book coming out from Apex Books:

Starve Better is a no-nonsense survival guide by a professional writer who knows how to use small press publications and writing for everyone from corporate clients to friends and neighbors to keep himself out of the soup kitchen line.

Yes, this is the same Nick Mamatas who is my competition for the anthology Stoker.  The same Nick Mamatas who my children, MY OWN FLESH AND BLOOD, still refer to as “Uncle Nick” as his turn as a guest at a Mo*Con.  Luckily, I’m assuming that it was my son’s Halloween costume from 2009 which inspired his book cover.

Click here to pre-order it if you must … BUT YOU BETTER VOTE FOR ME IN THE STOKERS!

Apex Day, Black Quill Awards, and Stuff

I’ve been on a bit of a blog hiatus while wrapping up King’s War, the last book in the Knights of Breton Court trilogy.  Now that I’m exiting the writing cave, I can take a look around and catch up on a couple of things:

1)       I’ll be at a signing this Saturday in Lexington, Kentucky as a part of Apex Day, representing Orgy of Souls, Dark Faith, and King Maker.  The ceremonial guest of honor will be Gary A. Braunbeck (To Each Their Darkness and A Cracked and Broken Path). Other featured Apex authors scheduled to be in attendance Mari Adkins (Harlan County Horrors), Sara M. Harvey (The Labyrinth of the Dead and The Convent of the Pure), Jerry Gordon (Dark Faith) and Jason Sizemore. Other authors of note in attendance will be Lucy Snyder (Spellbent), Geoffrey Girard (Tales of Jersey Devil), and Stephen Zimmer (The Exodus Gate).

2)       Speaking of Dark Faith, it was nominated for a Black Quill award from Dark Scribe Magazine.  Readers vote on it, so make with the clicky-clicky.

3)       There are some auctions being held to support K.H. Koehler during some very difficult times. Her mother was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and endured a double mastectomy. So far, it has been successful, but lack of decent insurance and sick pay has left her dealing with staggering medical bills.

4)       Oh, our annual Broaddus family Christmas party was this past weekend.  We have a few pictures available, but allow me to assure you that none of the movies we make for the party’s entertainment will ever, and let me be clear EVER, hit online.

The PC Challenges of Being an Editor

So even as I neglect my own blog for the next week or so as I write furiously on my novel, I find myself finding a new way to procrastinate by making time to blog for Jeff.   Here’s the opening bit:

Not too long ago there was a bit of a dust up regarding the anti-racist, anti-fascist anthology Never Again, put together by a couple of U.K. editors.  [Technically, I do have dual citizenship (which only is a problem come World Cup time when England plays the U.S.).  And “editor” is one of the hats I wear (along with “writer” and “person of color”), so let’s see what kind of trouble I can get into.]  As with most internet dustups, I simply made some popcorn, watch the ever-so-polite drama unfold and then went about my business.  However, in discussing why there were no people of color, one of the editors made this remark:   “Would you have preferred us to target and include writers on the basis of their skin colour, not their writing?”

Make with the clicky-clicky to read the whole thing.