During this time of economic hardship and Wall Street downturns, many businesses have taken hits and many jobs are now suddenly in jeopardy. Yet, there is one group who has been particularly hit hard for whom my heart truly goes out: the strippers.

I recently ran across an article which reported that traffic at some super-exclusive Manhattan nightspots is down 40-50%. And it’s not just the high end girlfriends of the traveling businessmen, but also the single mom looking to pay her way through pole gymnastics. Think about it, there are a lot of laps not being danced on.

So once again, I found myself seriously thinking about that “great idea reduced to a marketing slogan” – “what would Jesus do?” I don’t imagine Jesus passing out tracts asking “Hey, do you want to hear about me?” No, he’d go straight to where they were.

Now, I’ve always advocated incarnational ministry, modeled on the belief that God became flesh in the form of Christ and in said flesh, lived among people. He went out seeking and meeting people in the messiness of their lives, first loving them where they were. In other words, we aren’t called to build structures or create spaces separated from the community and attract people to them, but rather go to where the people are and serve them. Since God is already working around them, it’s only a matter of introducing people to that reality and all of us becoming redeemed participants to this sacred activity.

Jesus was a “friend of sinners” and I’m a friendly sort of fellow, so I’m taking it upon myself to start a new ministry. I’m gonna be tucking dollars for Jesus. I’m off to run this idea by my ever supportive spouse to see what she thinks. And yeah, this pretty much was just an excuse to use the phrase “tucking dollars for Jesus” in a sentence.
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