A one to grow on conversation:

“Daddy, why don’t we talk to so and so anymore?”

“Sometimes life happens. People get mad, hurt each other, or misunderstandings build up to where relationships get damaged.”

“Have you tried talking to them?”

“Yes. A couple of times. Sometimes talking just makes things worse.”

“You need me to talk to them?”

“I appreciate the offer and how your heart works. I’d like to just say that making up is ‘easier said than done’, but really, sometimes adults just … act stupid. Sometimes it’s hard to make the leaps of faith required to bring reconciliation. It’s hard to writing a letter of healing to those who might not forgive you or to make a call to people who have rejected you.

“One of the hardest things you’ll ever learn how to do is to love without expecting love in return or to give without the expectation of receiving. But you know what? Each attempt leads us closer to a glimpse of our Father. Each attempt shapes us into the people we would like to be.

“From our weak and very human perspective, some damage may not be recoverable. Ultimate healing and forgiveness are always possible, but sometimes it may not happen for a long time. And I know that for me, I’m not there yet.

“Today I nurse hurts and need time to heal. Today I don’t trust in love enough to love and risk boldly. Today I don’t live in the light enough to know peace. Today I live in the shadows of self-rejection in the tension of still wanting to be liked. Today I … WOULD YOU QUIT HITTING YOUR BROTHER?!?”