You will be Sick of Me in 2011

Well, more sick of me than usual.  Due to the vagaries of the publishing industry, 2011 will be the convergence of several projects (some years in the making) seeing the light of day.  The last two novels of my Knights of Breton Court series should come out:  King’s Justice and King’s War.  Then there are the short stories:

  • Awaiting Redemption (Of Keene Interest)
  • Collateral Casualties (King’s Justice – bonus feature)
  • Dance of Bones (Inhuman Magazine)
  • House of Blue Lights (All Hallow)
  • I, Theodora (Beauty Has Her Way)
  • In Receipt of Fern Seed (H&H Books)
  • Iron Hut (Ancient Shadows)
  • Lost Son (Griots)
  • Problem of Trystan (Hot & Steamy:  Tales of Steampunk Romance)
  • Rainfall (Cemetery Dance)
  • Shadow Boxing (Up Jumped the Devil)
  • Trail’s End (Dead West)
  • Warrior of the Sunrise (The New Hero)
  • Whispers at the End of Creation (Relics & Ruins)

Though I’m waiting on a few details before I announce a few more, all told, 2011 should see over a dozen short stories of mine released.  I promise not to spam you to death.

My Stories at the Angry Robot Book Store

This store is for the sale of eBooks, only. Our eBooks are sold in ePub format, and are compatible with Sony devices, the iPad, iPhone (using Stanza, iBooks or the Barnes and Noble app) and many other eBook readers.

I have several short stories for sale at the Angry Robot Book Store.  It’s not like I’m putting out a collection anytime soon, so consider this an e-collection of my work (samples of each story available with a simple clicky-clicky of the links):

Black Frontiers – Originally published in Dark Dreams II (April 2006):  A weird west horror tale, as Govie Ikard transports a very special package across the Kansas Territories, a package many people want to see destroyed.

Broken Strand – Originally published in Apex Science Fiction and Horror Digest (March 2008):  A science fiction tale of a scientist who believes he can genetically cure man’s “sin nature”.

Family Business – Originally published in Weird Tales #338 (January 2006):  A dark fantasy of a man returning to his homeland in Jamaica only to find corruption and the supernatural.

In the Shadows of Meido – Originally published in IDW Publishing’s comic books (December 2005):  In ancient Japan, a samurai confronts the excesses of the masters he serves.  And vampires.

Just an Old Man on a Bench and Just a Young Man and His Games – Originally published in (June 2004) and Doorways (March 2008):  A horror tale of an old man haunted by the ghosts of Tuskegee followed by a sequel of sorts set in the same universe.

Nurse’s Requiem – Originally published in Dark Dreams III (June 2007):  A horror tale of as a nurse works in a nursing home where all of the residents are possessed by demons.

The Ave – Originally published in Horror Literature Quarterly (Nov. 2007):  A horror tale of a man in prison who calls on his ancestors to return home.

Hootchie Cootchie Man – Originally published in Black Static #14 (December 2009):  A horror/crime tale of a car thief on one last job.

Trouble Among the Yearlings – Originally published in Harlan County Horrors (Oct. 2009):  A horror tale of coal miners trapped only to find that they are not alone.