GenCon 2010 Seen Through Twitter

Sure, I could give you a thorough recap of GenCon.  It was the first time I REALLY dug into the convention as opposed to dropping by to say “hi” to some friends and then taking off.  I could go on about having a great time with Matt Forbeck, Monica Valentinelli, Anton Strout, Tobias Buckell, Jesse Scoble, Lucien Soulban, Lawrence Connolly, Christina Stitt, Jenn Brozek and many other new friends, but I won’t.  I could go on and on about how The Broaddus Clan ran ourselves ragged between GenCon, the Broaddus Family Reunion, First Friday, old friends dropping into town, and about a half dozen other things this city decided it had to throw THIS WEEKEND.  Instead, I’m going to summarize the convention as seen through my twitter feed:

I love that the usual downtown street musicians are playing super hero theme songs.

Wow, the morning came early. This will be an interesting panel…

So I’m on the “crafting the love scene” panel. because I speak of the pompatus of love.

“I write my sex scenes like I do my fight scenes.” * “You’re married, aren’t you?”

Filking. NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

“That’s not a costume. That’s a cry for help.”

Ha! There’s a booth here for “gamer’s soap”. Oddly enough, there’s no line there. KEEP HOPE ALIVE!

and then i stabbed @antonstrout with a pen …

Nerds gone wild!

Dear Spartan, no one from 300 had man boobs. MOOBS! #genconfail

It is too early in the morning for larping…

The Ram Brewery knows its market: I’m eating the “Dire Troll Bomber”. (although … Cthuhlu Tar Tar …)

“I speak Klingon.” * “By strange coincidence, I’m fluent in douchbaggery.”

My chick bad, my chick hood (@supersjbroaddus) … though my chick loses hood points for making the boys costumes for gencon

Spending my time photobombing this dude in the Jack Sparrow costume

Day 3 of the Magic tournament. I refuse to enter the room because I know none of them have been by the gamer soap booth.

QOTD: “That booth is like the cast of Twilight walking into a gay bar.”

It’s too bad my kids want little things like a college education, because GeekChic would have a lot of my money right now.

Apparently 1K of the 60K of my fellow nerds have decided to crop-dust the Apex Books table because of my gamer soap jokes…

Hmm…the Apex Books minions get younger & younger. And the dress code is now out of Super Mario Brothers…

Dear TGIFridays, no one in the Caribbean eats anything called “reggae ribs.” You might as well serve it with “rasta pasta”.

Seriously, I’m networking. Don’t ask me to explain the women dancing in cages behind me. I blame @apexjason.

“What kind of girl says ‘! know he has french fries on his head, but he’s hot.'” #InDenialOfLivingInHisMomsBasement

Uh oh. @apexjason just yelled “do you think you’re better than me?” to the french fry guy. #RedneckBattleCry.

The full photo album can be seen here.

Mo*Con IV: Twittered

· T-minus 6 hours before I pick up my first mo*con arrival (yeah, a few come in early). this thing will become all mo*con all the time then.9:59 AM May 14th

· At airport, waiting, with great anticipation & trepidation, on @kellidunlap. She has a “special” greeting for me.4:07 PM May 14th

· *OW*4:45 PM May 14th

· And now I’ve whisked @kellidunlap off to a magic: the gathering tournament.6:03 PM May 14th

· And now to be greeted by @aletheakontis …10:15 PM May 14th

· *OW* 4:45 PM May 14th

· Suddenly not looking forward to being greeted by @WrathJW…10:17 PM May 14th

· It’s 1 o’clock in the morning. Fixing Jack Daniels Steak for @WrathJW, @kellidunlap, and @AletheaKontis. @j_c_hay is missing out …12:35 AM May 15th

· Any @WrathJW story that begins “so i had this moment of black rage” is a must listen.1:10 AM May 15th

@kellidunlap QOTD: the big negro ate all my sweet tarts!

· I’m REALLY going to regret getting so little sleep BEFORE Mo*Con even officially starts …7:19 AM May 15th

· RT: @kellidunlap mo’con = listening to @mauricebroaddus talk about religion…and then telling him why he’s wrong =)8:46 AM May 15th

· On our way to pick up @j_c_hay and @WrathJW to head to brunch.8:55 AM May 15th

@kellidunlap Following @MauriceBroaddus on the hwy is like getting directions from a drunk!

· At The Journey, a sushi buffet. Waiting to see how long it takes for them to tell @WrathJW “you go now!”10:35 AM May 15th

@aletheakontis Entering dessert coma on my mark MARK.

· Twenty pounds of chicken being cooked for chicken marsala. If we run out of food, it’ll be fishes and loaves night at the church.1:34 PM May 15th

@kellidunlap Nap good… But woke to @MauriceBroaddus in full on con-panic mode

· uh oh … Linda Addison is grading our poetry …8:38 PM May 15th

@j_c_hay Okay, okay. I’ll read a poem. You first @MauriceBroaddus.

· And now the after party at the Broaddus’. Tomorrow’s going to come too soon.11:15 PM May 15th

· On a Wayne hunt. I hate misplacing guests.

@KyleSJohnson Its raining, we’re walking, @mauricebroaddus has a paper hat on. Life is good.

@kellidunlap mo’con day 2: the party-goers sleep soundly while the con-rooster makes the coffee and plays with the muse… rudely pouncing comes later!

@kellidunlap Kelli’s mo’con schedule: “love sucks” & “there is no god”… and hey, i’m a GOH next year, just imagine the damage!!

· Off to go shoe shopping … don’t ask.8:36 AM May 16th

· The horror community has bought so many flowers for @supersbroaddus you’d think there was a funeral about to happen … uh oh …12:31 PM May 16th

· Off to go get interviewed.12:32 PM May 16th

· If The Boondocks have taught me anything, it’s that white people really love their cheese …1:21 PM May 16th

· Nervous. @WrathJW and I are about to do our talks. Or settle the God issue with Greco-Roman wrestling…4:34 PM May 16th

· Mo*Con is the convention that happens in the (well-stocked) con suite.

· And now … the absinthe fountain. This will end well.

· ok, they’re drinking absinthe from my kids’ spongebob dixie cups.

@aletheakontis Late nights, bad fiction, & absinthe FTW!

· RT: @kellidunlap QOTD: @aletheakontis: my stomach will not miss eating at strange hours…

· RT: @AletheaKontis Having to leave is the worst part of any good Con. This was a great Con.

@KyleSJohnson The sadness is palpable…Mo*Con almost done, but NEVER fucking done, professionally. Until then, sunshine and cheese steak.

· Well, Mo*Con V has now been COMPLETLY planned out. I mean Kelli*Con … (yay @kellidunlap)

· “Would you stop filming this?!?”

@kellidunlap Per the norm… Last man standing. Con done 🙂

· oy. RT: @AletheaKontis: Sometimes what happens at a convention…goes on YouTube.

I Really Didn’t Just Go Randomly Nuts Over the Weekend

For those who follow me on Twitter and thought I was having a random breakdown and became fixated on large motor vehicles, here are some accompanying pics from the site of the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition season finale (as it was being filmed here in Indianapolis):

At the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition site. The limo’s about to pull up …

We’re waving to Ty! (well, not me. I’m strictly media, you know)

Move that bus already!

And now … some cheerleaders are performing (because this day hasn’t been long enough)

For the record, me and my film crew would have had this shot by now. Granted, there would be some random dance sequence in it.
I’d have Ty and Paige in the background doing the robot …

The times are a-changin’: First a black president & now black folks move into a neighborhood & the property values go up!

Countdown to security wrestling a Paige stalker to the ground.
Normally when you see this many white folks in a black neighborhood … they’re preparing to move away.

I’m convinced: this bus is never moving. In fact, I think I see the McFarlands unpacking their stuff in it.

I’m really starting to hate this bus.

All the writers are herded together. No, no … we’re definitely not gossiping about our papers…

Media secrets: “It’s the last day with the catering tent. Bring the big purse.”

The limo’s FINALLY here.

No, seriously … move the @+!%#!# bus.

Dear Extreme Makeover, if you know black folks talk in the movie theater, what’d you think would happen when you’re filming live?

OMG … tell me the family didn’t just sprint up the street! (with a pack of white cameramen trying to keep up)

Ty’s ass didn’t move.

You can’t stop us from having church out here. “Shout all you want to!”

From Bernard McFarland: “THANK YOU COMMUNITY!!!”

As a member of the media, I neither whoop nor hollar.

“Go on in your house, man. Make all them folks take off their shoes first.”

Although, half the fun of my tweets are the fact that they’re mostly context free.

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Conversations About Friendship

Sometimes I really underestimate the power of social networking to have interesting conversations. For this weekend’s reach-around, there was the conversation I had during my impromptu friendship appreciation day. (Okay, to be honest, weekends are slow on Twitter and I get bored easy, especially if all I’m doing is sitting around thinking.) Many of us have difficulty telling our friends how much they mean to us. Thus my tweets from Saturday.

thinking about what it means to be a good friend

thinking about how we toss around the word “friend” way too easily without truly understanding what it takes to be one

-Matthew Warner at 12:15pm December 6 Eat that, John McCain!

(before I get e-mails, Matt said that, not me. Now go buy his books)

MauriceBroaddus @christammiller i do think internet “friending” defines friendship down to where we confuse acquaintanceship with friendship.

-Susan Taylor at 12:32pm December 6 Or strangers with friends. 😉 heh

(Don’t know Susan? Go read her magazine)

Maurice Broaddus at 12:35pm December 6 we’re all a series of 1s and 0s … unless we truly invest ourselves. because i know i have teh interwebz to thank for more than a few FRIENDships. 😉

Laurie Handel Miller at 12:42pm December 6 so you’re saying i don’t REALLY have 81 “friends?” this is truly a revelation. and my friends don’t have 372 friends? amazing.

(Don’t know Laurie? She makes church a delight.)

Maurice Broaddus at 12:57pm December 6 i barely KNOW 631 people, much less have that many friends. 🙂

MauriceBroaddus @christammiller it’s like we’ve lost the word acquaintance because anything less than calling someone a friend might hurt their feelings

christammiller @MauriceBroaddus As for online I sometimes look at my lists and think, Who are these people and why do they want to friend me? LOL

(Don’t know Christa? Go correct that.)

christammiller @MauriceBroaddus And is it possible/desirable to REALLY be there – to put forth the same effort – for every single one… to risk trust?

MauriceBroaddus @christammiller absolutely not. we’re going to have people we’re closer with, who we will have more connection to.

MauriceBroaddus @christammiller we physically/spiritually/emotionally can’t be there for everyone on that intimate a level.

MauriceBroaddus @christammiller true intimacy requires trust and risk and investment and shouldn’t be (casually) given to everyone we encounter.

christammiller @MauriceBroaddus So it’s about being more judicious with whom we think of as “friends”… not trying to do/be more for friends who aren’t.

christammiller @MauriceBroaddus Which frees up our emotional/spiritual resources 4 our truest friends and allows us to let the others go to find their own.

MauriceBroaddus @christammiller i find it interesting that we were told to love our neighbors as ourselves, not go and be friends with everyone.

MauriceBroaddus @christammiller e.g., i can love “you” (generic you) and behave in love toward you without emotionally investing in any more of a relationship than that

christammiller @MauriceBroaddus “Behave in love toward you” I guess is where I was going with the question on “being there” fully for everyone in your life

christammiller @MauriceBroaddus By “behave in love” you mean treating others with kindness and respect though… not necessarily giving of energy?

MauriceBroaddus @christammiller honestly i try to be there for the people in my life, as fully as possible, while not forsaking my most impt relationships

MauriceBroaddus @christammiller keeping in mind they are in my life for a reason; and i’m not going to be there for everyone the way that i am for my wife

MauriceBroaddus @christammiller one of the biggest problems i’ve faced working in the ministry: people’s inability to make and keep friends

thinking about how destructive endless back-biting is to a friendship or a community of friends

Mark Worthen at 2:47pm December 6 but backbiting and infighting is about as productive as sticking your finger in a bowl of water trying to leave an impression.

(Don’t know Mark? Fix that.)

thinking about where we’d be if none of us were forgiven for our past mistakes

thinking about what a great support i have in my spouse, which i’ve too often taken for granted.

(who else would buy me my very own Charlie Brown Christmas tree?)

thinking about all of the precious friendships i’ve been privileged to have as a part of my life.

thinking of the family i was born into and the family i chose (in my friends)

ah … and a true milestone was reached in my twitter history: my first fail whale for too many tweets.

(it’s like teh interwebz is saying “shut the hell up”)

Hmm, if you read only the parts in red, it almost reads like a guided meditation on friendship. Feel free to add to the conversation* here or with your own friends. I’m sure it’s long overdue.

*None of this takes into account Brian Keene becoming a preacher or me looking into pimping, but I didn’t say all of the Twitter conversation was going to make sense.

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From the Weekend Reach Around: I DECLARED AN ANTI-EMO TWEET DAY!!!

Consider me invoking what I call the Brian Keene disclaimer: “The following people should not read this entry … People who often read themselves into the things I say, even when I wasn’t talking about them. Seriously, if you are the type that says, “Oh, I wonder if he means me?’ then stop reading now … Indeed, the people I’m talking about probably won’t even realize that I’m talking about them. So don’t start inserting your name.” Then again, if you see yourself in this, do something about it.*

Saturday I declared a random anti-emo tweet day (yes, similar to my random declaration of a South Park Day) over on my Twitter account. One of the reasons I didn’t want to get a Twitter was because it was another avenue for needless, self-created drama to enter my life. Tweets that may indicate dramatic behavior:

“I would like to dedicate this half line of lyric… to… you know who you are…”

[insert vague emo tweet to rile folks up enough to IM, text, and e-mail me]

no, this mysterious tweet is not just me attention whoring …

why yes unfriending me on facebook and/or myspace constitutes real drama in my life

tweeting melodramatically sure beats a person just being honest and saying “could someone check in on me?”

as my final tweet on anti-emo tweet day, is there a word to describe twitter drama or emo tweeting?

By the way, here were some of the suggestions: twitter flouncers, twama, twemo and referring to those emo tweeters as twaddicts, theatwits or twats.

It’s just another sign of how the Internet is not everyone’s friend, leaves people prone to blog gossip, and allows keyboard courage to emo types. Yes, it had been a frustrating week.

*It was either that or invoke the John Scalzi disclaimer: As advance warning, this entry might be douchebaggishly egotistical, but, well. You should be used to that by now.

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Twittered (aka Project Fail)

Pretty much, this is my new icon. I barely survived ConText. I certainly didn’t come out of it unscathed.

Due to Brian Keene, THE Kelli Dunlap, and the endless haranguing of my personal assistant/board mod, Lauren David, I have succumbed to peer pressure (and my own declarations) and started a Twitter account:

No pleads for you to follow me, this is just an fyi, because I wasn’t lying when I said to expect a lot of gibberish.

(Sheesh, it’s barely been up five minutes and the mocking begins …)

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What if I had a Twitter …

“I ranted about this on my LJ a while back–I find it aggravating and pointless reading about the inconsequential minutiae of people’s lives, even people I like. What’s the point?” –Jack Haringa

Mmmm. Snuggle blanket.
I spend way too much time talking to the fish at my job.
The key to eating Total is warm milk and letting it sit for a while.
Losing at Killer Instinct to the six year old.
On my way to church. Again.
I’m blogging.
God save me … I might have to go to a Tweet Up now.
I just had to yell “Quit being so obnoxious with your love” to my son.
Do not make direct eye contact with me until you reach puberty.
I’m clipping my fingernails. And every other toe nail.
I’ve really got to call my mother.
Why am I on Shocklines?
I’m craving BW-3 teriyaki wings.
I’m blogging.
It’s naked daddy time. It’s naked daddy time! Where ya at?
I’m ashy.
Point, shoot, dribble, tuck to the left.
My laptop’s battery is overheating my crotch.
I’m twittering my life rather than living one.
Why, Lord, am I in the Taco Bell drive thru? Hast Thou forsaken me?
Crap! I have 57 hours and 9 minutes available on my DVR.
I’m blogging.
I obviously need more bran in my diet.
And now … a Hypnotiq break.
Something vague which causes all of my Twitter buddies to text me with concern.
Knowing my every movement is relational masturbation.
My, that’s a lot of lint in my belly button.
This has been an hour that I can’t get back.

“Twitter’s minutiae is the logical extension of blogging, social networking and texting. Soon everyone will know what everyone else is doing right this minute, whether it’s tying one’s shoe or eating an orange or being a little sleepy after class. Everyone will know, and no one will care.” –Nick Kaufmann

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