Should I work for free.  Nuff said.


Your Business Model is Not Your Neighbor’s – Monica Valentinelli takes an interesting look at publishing models.

Jason Sanford wonders Where The Great Gatsby of Today is.

Five Money Mistakes Freelancers Make – We’d like to suggest that if you do anything, nip the following five bad habits in the bud now, so you never have to worry about them again. We consider them to be the five primo mistakes all self-employed people make. If you correct them before they become long-term ingrained problems, you’ll be in good shape to move forward with most of your financial goals.

An interview with Marc Gascoigne of Angry Robot about their upcoming open month of submissions.


Getting to know the “nones”:  “recent polls give evidence of a dramatic increase in the number of Americans who self-identify as having no religious affiliation — with their share of the population up from 7 to nearly 17 percent in the last few years.”

Should Christian Art (at times) be Offensive? – “What began as a few questions about language evolved into why Christians are so easily offended and what it means to be “set apart.””

Following your spiritual instincts regarding the poor – “ It wasn’t about the trendiness of social justice or even re-inventing cool, new ways to do church. It was all about loving God and allowing our love for neighbor to flow from that.”


Being a huge fan of The Wire, and in light of the Huck Finn mess, a look at what the use of the n-word meant to the show:


An open call to Indianapolis artists: