This seems to be the week for me to be bringing news about causes to donate to, but here are the first two:

1)  My friend (and a previous Mo*Con Guest of Honor, which should show you the high regard I hold this man in), Tom Piccirilli, has been diagnosed with brain cancer.  Medical bills for a full time writer (read:  no insurance) can be devastating.  Consider donating to the Indiegogo that’s helping to raise money for him.  Alternately, if you buy one of his books from Crossroad press, he gets 100% of the profit from the sale.  If nothing else, please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

2)  A non-profit I’m involved with, A New Way of Life, is doing a fundraiser through the Heartland Film Festival.  The 2012 Heartland Film Festival $2BACK Program gives us $2 back for every ticket purchased online! Use the promo code NewWay (I’m especially looking forward to the movie Inocente). This is an amazing opportunity to support both Heartland Truly Moving Pictures and A New Way of Life!