Conversations across the grand racial divide are difficult enough to have and maintain, but the media don’t help. If you ever want to make a big splash with a story, apparently all you have to do is make the profound announcement that (gasp) black people and white people view the world differently. Let’s look at a few such conversation-starters:

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The other day, I was banging around in my kitchen when I heard this cartoon chipmunk of a voice ask: “Maurice, can you get me a drink?” I looked around, didn’t see anyone, when movement just below my line of vision caught my attention.

It was one of my boys’ friends, not even waist-high to me, talking. Maybe I’m old-school, maybe I’m just old, but kids don’t get to call me Maurice. I’m not into folks I don’t know too well making the assumption of an informal relationship by calling me by my first name, much less kids.

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Dear Indianapolis Fire Department,

I was pretty content to be an irresponsible father and homeowner, but you seem to want to keep butting into my business. Look at you, Mr. (and Mrs.) “Ordinary/Everyday Heroes” in your cool uniforms, shiny trucks and blaring horns — la di da.

First you walk through our neighborhood, checking on people’s smoke detectors, offering fire safety tips and answering any questions we may have. (You probably didn’t expect me to be onto your plan and ask you so many!)

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