Rather than dump nearly a dozen new reviews into my blog stream, I’ve opted to back dump them.  When I’m on a tear of focusing on one topic, I get all self-conscious, especially with comic book reviews as I can only imagine that the tiniest fraction of my regular readership cares about comic book review.  So rather than give two weeks of blog space to reviews, I’ve backdated them so that it doesn’t necessarily look like I took nearly two months off from blogging regularly.  (This is me thinking too hard about this and being too clever by half.)

Anyway, click on whatever reviews you are interested in:

Ultimate Avengers 3 #4

Shadowland #1

Batman:  The Return/Batman Inc.

X-Factor #211

New Avengers #6

Avengers #7

Captain America #612

Batwoman #0

Flash #6

Brightest Day #15

Freedom Fighters #3

Superman for All Seasons