Remember when I said that I dragged my friend Larissa Johnson out to take some new snapshots? Well, we DID take some shots of the family. At one point in the photo shoot, she wanted to take some shots of the boys in some of their costumes (have I mentioned the Broaddus trunks of costumes?).

First, a man and his heroes.
Reese as the Dark Knight (yes, we really did go through a phase after he saw the movie where he made us refer to him as The Dark Knight when he was in costume and Bruce when he wasn’t. And, yes, I did put an end to it when he started calling me Alfred).
Malcolm is The Hulk. No, Larissa didn’t do anything to his eyes. He does that right before a Hulk tantrum.

Part of their epic battle.
And one of my favorite shots. You can almost hear the “sad Hulk” music from the television show playing in the background …

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