DSCN0138 DSCN0140 Team Apex 1 Seventh Star Boys
Pre-MoCon Lunch MoCon Time Publishers and Editors Panel 1 Jerry and Shelby
Broad Ripple UMC Debbie Tracy Sally Doug Reading Gary Doug and Jason 1
Doug signing DSCN0141 Maurice and Michael Mind and Spirit Panel 5

The AWESOME Pork Chop Express had a few thoughts about their impression of Mo*Con

Janet Harriett posted her Mo*Con Redux.

Mo*Con Guest of Honor Jim C. Hines ruminates on Fandom, Conventions, and Race:  “Mo*Con was an exception to the rule. There were times this past weekend I wish I could have been colorblind, because in the back of my mind, I kept looking around and wondering, Why can’t more conventions be like this?, and that frustration took away from my ability to just relax and enjoy myself.”

Eventually I’ll have the footage from the Poetry Slam and the panels edited and online.  Eventually. In the meantime, here’s a clip of Douglas F. Warrick reading from one of his stories in his new collection, Plow the Bones.