SoSThe Streets of Shadows kickstarter project has about reached the halfway mark.  Thank you for all of your support.  Let’s beat the mid-way KickStarter lull!*

Speaking of the KickStarter, my awesome co-editor, Jerry Gordon, and I were on DJ Grandpa’s Crib talking about our project.  Check it out (we’re at the 32:20 mark)

Over on SF Signal, I’m discussing a few books that I don’t think have had the attention they deserve.  Futureland (Walter Mosley) and The Gift (Patrick O’Leary) have probably been the two books most instrumental in me writing a lot more science fiction and fantasy these days.

Science fiction like I Can Transform You (now with a new review) and fantasy like Steppin’ Razor (also with a new review).


*The trend is for KickStarter projects to start strong, then hit a lull, then finish strong.  I don’t know if my stomach can take the anxiety of too long a lull!