Here’s the thing:  it’s been a while since blogging was fun for me.  It used to be something I’d do to blow off steam, pontificate, or participate in online community.  For the last year or so, I feel like I’ve just kind of coasted.  Partly that’s been due to the changes in social media as I’m more able to directly interact with folks via Facebook and Twitter.  And I’ve spent a lot of the time I would normally use for regular blogging doing freelance work or working on novels, which don’t leave much in the old writing fuel tank to blog.

So I’ve mostly concentrated on writing reviews, blogging about writing stuff, and on the rare occasion, having an opinion on something going on in current events.  (Look, I’ve purposely been avoiding the news so that I wouldn’t feel the need to respond.  Apparently I have missed entire wars and uprisings while I’ve kept my head down to write.)

Partly it’s due to the odd things that go on in my head.  Every so often my thoughts get frozen when I realize how many eyes find the site.  It might simply be the equivalent of blogging stage fright and the unwarranted pressure to be, I don’t know, profound.  Between that, the distracting need to put something out regularly (as conventional blogging thought goes), then promoting it across the various social media platforms, I lose sight of why I do it.

But I wanted to get back to being me on the blog.  I want this to be a space for me to free write, play test some ideas that may become essays or books.  Put myself out there between projects.  Nothing deep, just a guy who struggles with his faith, a guy who writes, and a guy who ingests a lot of pop culture.

We’ll see how long this lasts.