First Dates

Idle chatter filled the awkward silence
Ignoring the sudden dryness of his tongue
Too old to be seeing with a teenager’s eyes
“It’s not a date,” she said. “Liar” cried her heart
“Good. ‘Starship Troopers’ was not the best of date movies”
She laughed and talked to fend off her tears

An evening full of romantic jaunts and tears
“This is a date” the thought dawned in a rush of silence
Sitting in the dark of his car, waiting for the movies
Forgetting English as his native tongue
Feeling the pounding, prodding of his heart
Tricky situations entered into with open eyes

Pulling him by the arm because of his closed eyes
Fearful anticipation threatened to erupt as tears
A candle-lit table, set by her heart
She held her breath, afraid of the silence
“I never thought of you that way” he thought; “wow” tripped from his tongue
He only saw this scene played out in the movies

He pretended to fumble through her collection of movies
Not quite avoiding staring into the languid pools of her eyes
Quick and rough, darted her probing tongue
No thought to the future, the potential for tears
Just sitting on the couch, enjoying the silence
Rarely had he been entrusted with so open a heart.

He ached knowing that he grieved her heart
No happily ever afters, living lives not movies
Secret fears, secret wants, and knowing silence
Never thought he’d see this day with these eyes
Telling her those things, unmoved by tears
Ashamed of his deceit-filled tongue

Months lost, fearing that she’d gone confessed his tongue
Nearly too late he knew he burned for her in his heart
Even now he remembered tasting the salt of her tears
Before the credits rolled like at the end of most movies
To see him as he is, looking at him with love-filled eyes
Stilling the demons, the doubts, leaving only the silence

She shed her tears like she did at most movies
Stilling her tongue lest she again betray her heart
Look closely, for no lies fill her eyes, the truth lay in the silence.

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