Angry Robot put the Knights of Breton Court trilogy up for charity auction for Con or Bust.  [Quick aside, the trilogy will be released as an omnibus this fall.  Here’s a peek at its cover –>]  A dear friend of mine swooped in and outbid everyone with the caveat that I had to do a special autograph for her.  It’s funny:  we were only actively in each other’s lives for the two years we worked at the same lab (back in my previous life as an environmental toxicologist).  But sometimes you encounter people and there’s the immediate connection of family (I was even a part of her wedding).  I hope she likes this…

In King Maker

Once upon a time there was a grumpy old troll.  Content to stay in his dark, dank cave, going about the work trolls had to do.  Day after day, the same tasks over and over again, the life he had resigned himself to, which only made him grumpier.

Then one day a princess stumbled upon his cave.  The princess enjoyed exploring caves, an odd hobby for princesses, but she wrong life from every opportunity presented to her and appreciated the mystery of caves.

In King’s Justice

The grumpy old troll did his level best to ignore the strange interloper, which proved difficult to do as the princess had her own mind about how things should be.  She strung lights in the cave to brighten it.  She decorated the cave with vibrant colors and glitter.  She loved glitter as any princess should.  She fussed about the troll like a gadfly—organizing his area even labeling his tools—ignoring his half-hearted attempts to swat at her.  And despite himself the troll learned to smile.

In King’s War

Before the troll knew it, the princess had drawn him out of his cave, into her world of blue skies, surrounded by the beauty of the forest with begrudging effort, the troll learned to see the world through her eyes.  She helped him remember  the joy and terror of chasing after one’s dream with the boldness that comes with youth.  Though they squabbled often, they realized they had become brother and sister, family they had chosen.  And the troll waited by her side until her prince finally arrived and she was off to her next adventure.  But the troll never looked at his cave the same way.

And he never swept away the glitter.

Personalized autographs can be a lot of work.  I hope everyone doesn’t expect me to put in this much effort.  At some point, I should probably worry more about my signature and identity theft, but if someone wants to steal my history of bad credit, more power to them.