Emergent Church Leaders offer new vision for Christians; bringing their message of change and hope to Indianapolis

INDIANAPOLIS, July 14–Controversial for a “nothing is too sacred to be questioned” theology, Tony Jones and two other emergent church leaders will conclude their nationwide tour in Indianapolis.

The trio, Jones, along with Doug Pagitt and Mark Scandrette, will be speaking and performing at Lockerbie Central United Methodist Church on Monday, August 4th at 7:00 PM. Under the guise of The Church Basement Roadshow: A Rollin’ Gospel Revival, the three will spread the emergent message of a generous, hope-filled Christian faith in the style and cadence of the tent revival preachers of a hundred years ago.

They plan to have fun with the tent revival theme, even wearing frock suits and selling healing balm. “This will be unlike any book tour people have seen,” said Jones. “We’ll be barnstorming the country, shaking the rafters with our ancient-future message of hope.” “People will laugh and sing,” Scandrette added, “But they’ll also be challenged to join the Jesus Revolution.”

Jones, Pagitt, and Scandrette have acquired many fans and critics. As leading voices in the emergent movement–the decade-old phenomenon of pastors, artists, and churchgoers who are rethinking church and Christianity—the three are wary of the narrow and failed politics of the Christian right. In turn, they are also dismayed by the plight and declining influence of the more liberal protestant churches.

Through their writings, work as pastors, and community outreach, Jones, author of The New Christians, Pagitt, author of A Christianity Worth Believing, and Scandrette, author of Soul Graffiti, have sought a different and hopeful vision for the church. Ultimately, their hope for Christianity is one that that they feel makes more sense for a globalized, pluralistic, postmodern world.

The authors’ books have found critical acclaim. Publisher’s weekly called Jones’ The New Christians ““the single best introduction to the Emergent Church movement…. The mainline denominations are dying, and the hyperindividualism of evangelicalism is unsatisfying, so many…have decided to recreate church for postmodern times.”

About the Authors/Performers
Tony Jones is the national coordinator of Emergent Village (www.emergentvillage.org), and a doctoral fellow in practical theology at Princeton Theological Seminary.

Doug Pagitt is the founder of the network that became Emergent Village, and he is the founder and pastor of Solomon’s Porch, regularly recognized as one of the most innovative churches in the world. Doug speaks across the country and internationally about missional Christianity and church leadership, and he has appeared on ABC, CNN, PBS, NPR, and in the New York Times.

Mark Scandrette is the executive director and cofounder of ReIMAGINE, a center for spiritual formation in San Francisco that sponsors city-based learning initiatives, peer learning groups, and the Jesus Dojo, a year-long intensive formation process inspired by the life and teachings of Jesus. Mark is a founding member of SEVEN, a monastic community working as advocates for holistic and integrative Christian spirituality. He is a recognized speaker and poet, and his innovative

For more information on the Church Basement Roadshow visit to Indianapolis, please contact Mike Oles, 317-354-3207, mikeoles3@mac.com. Also, please visit the official Church Basement Roadshow webpage at www.churchbasementroadshow.com

Lockerbie Central is at 237 N. East St., Indianapolis. Admission is $10.

About: Lockerbie Central United Methodist is a progressive and emergent church located in downtown Indianapolis. The 150 year old church building not only hosts worship services, but is home to an all organic and fair trade coffee shop, a lively lineup of arts events, and cutting edge organizing around poverty and environmental issues.

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