On the “Writer’s Support” panel at GenCon, I was asked where one can find a writer’s support group.  I told them to look around the room and shared the story of my circle of friends.  We’d gotten to know each other over a couple of World Horror Conventions, realized we clicked with one another and we were all equally serious about getting ahead in this publishing biz.  So we banded together to pool our meager resources.

One strategy we employed was to coordinate our efforts at conventions.  For example, when the World Fantasy Convention came around, we divvied up the list of folks slated to appear (cause, seriously, who wants to Google 500 – 1000 folks) among ourselves and made a spreadsheet of who was going to be attending the con that listed who they were, where they worked, what they had published.  Then we each made wish lists of who we’d like to meet and we let each other know who was on our wish list.  Look, not to burst any myth bubbles, but writers aren’t always the most socially adept of God’s creatures.  So that became another way we looked out for one another:  if ever one of us found ourselves talking to someone we knew one of our friends was wishing to meet, we’d introduce them.  Just a few newbies scrabbling along trying to make our way in the scary world of publishing.

Ah, memories.

I wonder if anyone is Googling me with Context fast approaching.  Context is one of my favorite conventions.  It falls into that category of part relaxacon, almost as much a family reunion as con, much like Necon or Mo*Con.  Plus it’s one of the few cons I can take the whole family to.  As I’m continuing to do more panels at cons, you can catch me on these:

Saturday 10:00 a.m. – Blogging – Creativity and Publicity*

Sanford, Martino, Pendergrass, Harris, Broaddus, Greene, Harriett

Saturday 1:00 p.m. – How Did I Get Here?

Buckell, Broaddus, Valerie, Heaphy, Kemp, Tiedemann, Rotchey, Allen

*In the event that I am not fully cognizant at ten in the morning on the Saturday of a convention, I’ll leave a few posts here on the topic of blogging:

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