Well, surprisingly enough, Hypericon 2007 was calmer than I expected it to be. It was pretty much like my Conglomeration experience: a chance to hang out with old friends (Jason Sizemore, Alethea Kontis, Geoffrey Girard) as well as meet some new ones (Mari Adkins, Don Bessinger, Steven Lloyd, Matt Wallace). I did the HWA panel with HWA president Deborah Leblanc (who, let me tell you, puts a preacher’s passion into talking about HWA and her love of the genre) and vice-president Scott Nicholson (who is a quiet, down-to-earth presence).

Plus scary fans.

In some ways, I look at conventions as a kind of tent revival (an image brought to mind because in the five seconds I took my eyes off the road, Sizemore got us lost and we ended up by one). I need the chance to get re-energized, supported, commiserate with folks. A kind of retreat, a time of renewal, to refocus. Um, not that many revivals have zombie proms, burlesque girls, and zombie bands (a folk/rock zombie band, at that) … though I fully suspect that what folks think goes on at The Dwelling Place.

… hmm…

By the way, I’ve got to spend more time hanging with artists. Alex McVey and Zach McCain rock, though Alex won’t let you go to bed if he’s in mid-rant. Of course, you’re probably better off reading Sizemore’s or Wallace’s recap. Each was disturbing in their way, a pleasant disturbing.

And I’m still on deadline, so there will probably be a couple of guest blogs this week.


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