So I missed International Short Story Day, which apparently was 20th June.  So I have no real excuse to mention some of the upcoming short stories of mine that are seeing the light of day:

“Warrior of the Sunrise”

The New Hero Volume 1 (Stone Skin Press)

The last of my Sword & Soul stories (for now), “Warrior of the Sunrise” is the tale of one of my favorite characters, Lalyani the Outcast.  Stone Skin Press profiled her here.

Here is the link to their Kickstarter project

“The Cracker Trap”

Shroud Magazine #12 (Shroud Publications)

This is actually for the column, Skinning the Cat, which deals with social issues in the genre.  Rather than rant, since you know I’m sooooo above doing that, I submitted a story.  I like to consider this story the funny version of my novella, Devil’s Marionette.  Uh, emphasis on funny, less on the angst.

“Being in Shadow”

Appalachian Undead (Apex Books)

I don’t foray into zombie territory very often.  But, hey, throw in some detectives, a man hunt, a quarantined zone, and I’m all in.

Dark Faith:  Invocations (Apex Books)

Obviously I love short stories.  Putting together a collection of them from some of the best in the business isn’t exactly a chore.

“The Religious Order”

Eighth Day Genesis: A Worldbuilding Codex

Technically, it’s not a short story, but it is an essay.  Worldbuilding is my favorite part of the creation process.  In here I’m writing about what it means to build a religion (which makes sense since in high school I was voted “Most Likely to Start a Cult”).