I’m often asked how I can be a Christian and a horror writer and theory is one thing, but I rarely mention what this looks like practically. What it means this week is that I am busy preparing a non-fiction book proposal solicited by a Christian book publisher while working on a novel that combines street gangs, zombies, and the Arthurian legends.

Anyway, excuse me while I spam you all:

I have been interviewed over at On This Day We Become Legendary. (Now archived here)

An older story of mine—as in, “Temptation”, one of the first stories I ever wrote—is up on the Fear and Trembling website. It was an early experiment in voice.

This has been a big week for story sales: “Snapping Points” was picked up by MagusZine and will most likely appear in early January on MagusPress.com in the MagusZine section. “A Young Man and His Games” was picked up by Uncle Mort (Mort Castle, a hero of mine) coming out in Doorways Magazine in 2008.

The Hollywood Jesus Reviews 2006 – 2007 edition will be out soon. They’ve chosen several of my reviews for inclusion: 1408, 28 Weeks Later…, Ghost Rider, Lady in the Water, Pan’s Labyrinth, Stranger Than Fiction, TMNT, and Two Weeks.

I would write about the Broaddus Family Christmas party, but my wife has already done so, though she failed to mention my turn as one half of the Miami Vice duo.

(FYI, John Hay has made me promise to show some of our Broaddus Christmas Party movies as a part of Mo*Con III. We’ll see if my board moderators rise up to stab me in my sleep before those see the light of day again.)

And it wouldn’t be complete spam without mentioning my friends:

-Lucien Soulban has two releases out now: his Black Library Novel, Desert Raiders and his short story Serenade in the Horrors Beyond 2 anthology.

-Richard Dansky’s book, Firefly Rain, is going to be a Booksense Pick for January.

-Cullen Bunn’s comic, The Damned (which I have reviewed and can highly recommend) has been picked up for Spanish translation.

-Alice Henderson just learned that an anthology she’s in, MYSTERY DATE, will be published
in February 2008 by DAW (Penguin).

If you want to make sure that I see your comment or just want to stop by and say hi, feel free to do so on my message board. I apologize in advance for some of my regulars.