Not since the Indiana Black Expo realized that a web address of IBEonline wasn’t the best statement about Black folks on the internet have I been so embarrassed. While I reveled in the celebration of Krumping in the movie Rize, today I have been forced to confront the dark side of black inventiveness in dance: the Chicken Noodle Soup dance craze. To quote my people over at Black Folks, “You win the internets today.”

(Alright, this kid is cute, but that doesn’t make it right)

White folks? You too. Fired. You really don’t have to appropriate everything we come up with.

(I just watched a Family Guy rerun with my boys last week. You tell me that you aren’t now humming It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time after hearing that Chicken Noodle Soup hot mess.)

Soup. With soda on the side. Don’t make me declare myself eligible for this year’s racial draft.

Today’s blog brought to you by Burger King and Snickers.

And before I go, a glance at my new favorite map:

Yeah, I know. Completely random day.

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