A new billboard advert for Sony’s white PSP has caused consternation across the US videogaming community. The ad shows a white model dressed entirely in white threateningly grasping the face of a black model. Next to them are the words, “PlayStation Portable. White is coming”.

Thanks to Jay Voorhees for pointing out our failure to remember. In this world of racial tensions, where we are still trying to figure out how to relate to one another’s stories, we still have companies who exploit or remain willfully ignorant of the messages they are sending.

Besides conjuring up images of cruel slave-owner and bug-eyed cowering slave, I’m not sure what this ad is supposed to convey. Sure, I could be simply looking for something to be offended by, but images reflect as well as shape how we view one another. Now, Burger King got rid of all evidence of their ill-conceived ad campaign featuring the BK Rebel Unit delivering chicken fries to the hood. But what the hell is wrong with Snickers?

Don’t forget, it was just this time last year that we were talking about Mexico issuing those racist stamps:

Images mean things.

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