Because I, as you all should, follow RAWSistaz on Twitter, I was able to collate their recent tweets on black literary sites. Consider this my (ever-growing) checklist of places for me to market (READ: memo to horror publishers who decry the shrinking market yet neglect an entire readership):

RAWSISTAZ Literary Group – focuses on reading, writing, and discussing books primarily by African-American Authors. Our groups (both online and off) are not only book clubs, but resources to readers, writers, and literary enthusiasts.

R.A.W. Sistaz Black Book Reviews – one of (if not the first) online and national organization specializing in reviewing and promoting African-American literature.

APOOO – an online author and reader community dedicated to advancing African American literature. Our mission is to expose readers of all ages to a good book in any genre; to support African American authors, books, literary events and book clubs; to provide marketing resources, tools and tips to authors; and, to promote literacy within the African American community.

AAMBC – African American Book Club

Urban Reviews – Your source for African American fiction, Hip Hop, and R&B; – a leading online reading and book promotion community for readers and writers of all ages.

Nia Promotions
– a marketing company that provides a variety of marketing services. We assist authors and publishers with internet book marketing using strategy, branding, and education.

ReadersRoom/Blogging in Black – a blog of African American Commercial Reading, Writing, & Publishing

Motown Writer’s Network – Drawing readers, writers, authors, poets and more together, the networks’ mission is to connect readers to Michigan literary works, educate and connect writers and poets to resources, provide events for authors to showcase their work and a lot more.

White Readers Meet Black Authors – Your official invitation into the African American section of the bookstore! A sometimes serious, sometimes light-hearted plea for EVERYBODY to give a black writer a try.

Written Voices – spotlights fiction and nonfiction authors who incorporate their Christian faith and/or personal experiences into their books (the literary section of which strives to highlight the importance of faith, values and culture).

Write Black – about the vagaries of the publishing industry and occasionally praise, occasionally criticize and always pick the nits of books written by black authors — with special attention paid to genre writers.

The Brown Bookshelf – dedicated to uplifting African American creators of children’s literature.

QBR, the Black Book Review – the leading black literature and black writers’ publication in America. – African American literary network

Shades of Romance Magazine – a bi-monthly online magazine that believes in promoting authors and their books.

Joey Pinkney – features book reviews and author interviews.

Delta Reviewer – African American book reviews

Urban Christian Fiction Today – highlights African American Christian Fiction and some occassional non-fiction. Look for author interviews, book reviews, and takes on publishing and marketing.

Black Books Direct is a full service online Black bookstore with a great selection of books which are of interest to African American readers or by African American authors.

3 Chicks On Lit – a Hip, Fun, & Sassy Literary Hour.

Urban Book Source – the premiere Internet source for readers, writers, authors, publishers, and vendors of urban literature.

Urban Literary Review – We invite you to join us each Tuesday and Thursday for Urban Literary Review! One of the hottest urban literary online radio shows featuring authors, editors, agents, book clubs and industry leaders

Now I’m waiting on RAWSistaz tweets on black book expos and festivals …

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