I am now holding in my hands a copy of my limited edition hardcover novella, Bleed With Me (Delirium Books/DarkFuse)*.  Not too long ago, I was on my fellow Angry Robot author’s, Kaaron Warren**, blog discussing what sparked the idea for that novella.  There were just two things I wanted to add to what inspired it.

I only quietly admit that I don’t read much horror.  And I’m even more loathe to admit when I read an author and my only response is to drop everything I’m doing to see if I can do something that good.

Nate Southard’s Just Like Hell had that effect on me (This is the original cover/the edition I read.  It’s just been re-issued by Deadite Press).  When I read this, I just kept flipping through the pages resisting the urge to fly down to his house to high five him.  The whole story was a punch in the gut and I immediately wanted to write something which would … punch someone in the gut.  This in no way plays into why Nate is a guest of honor at next year’s Mo*Con.

The second thing was that the working title for the novella was “Folie a Deux”***, which is why part of  the marketing copy reads:

A folie a deux. It can be a symptom of the greatest kind of love. Or the greatest horror. Because what can be a greater horror than when one person refuses to let go?

However, I ended up naming the novella after one of my favorite Brian Keene essays “Bleed With Me”  (which was included in his Running With the Devil limited edition collection).  It’s about what artists have to do for the sake of their art, which is essentially to bleed for others. Our pain, our hearts, our souls laid bare in order to convey the truth of art. Put another way, it is the vulnerability and transparency of the artist that is the source for the best art experience (and points to how our wounds can become sources of healing).  I thought it was very apropos considering the theme of my novella.

I can’t wait to hear what you think.  Especially if it punches you in the gut.

*It’s a part of their limited edition hardcover novella series.  Also up now, Chris Fulbright & (so prolific I can’t stand her)Angeline Hawkes’ Black Mercy Falls.

**Who, by the way, I had a chance to meet in person at Readercon.  She is absolutely wonderful through and through.  Just being in her presence compelled me to buy her book.

***It is a known fact that I suck at working titles.  After the Black Camelot incident, I at least know enough to not let my friends know the working title of my projects.