Blog Comments

I’m still getting caught up on life AMC (After Mo*Con). And I’ve been having computer issues.

Some of you have noticed that I turned the comments back on my blogger site. My original thought when I turned them off was that I wanted to drive the conversations from the various places this thing pops up in to a central location, my message board.

Still, as I’ve slowly come to realize, some tribes feel comfortable only on their own turf. Thus myspace folks only comment in myspace. LiveJournal folks only on LJ. And blogger folks on blogger.

But we’ll still be carrying on our conversations on my message board. Probably talking about you there.

Though I’ve undoubtedly missed out on some good conversations, I count on catching up in the long-tail. Yes, party people, the Internet is forever and new folks will always be stumbling over your blog posts.

(It also means that those naked pictures you thought were a great idea to take when you were twenty will still be around for your grand kids to see. Yay Interwebz!!!)

If you want to make sure that I see your comment or just want to stop by and say “hi”, feel free to stop by my message board. We always welcome new voices to the conversation.