Even though I seem to be blogging less and less these days, I did manage to have a few up over the course of the year.  Here’s a few of my favorites/most popular:

Road to Mo*Con Series – I had no idea what the response to Mo*Con VIII: The Mind and Spirit of the Artist was going to be.  Leading up to that discussion, I invited several friends to share their experiences with dealing with some of their mental struggles.  I was stunned by the honesty of these folks.  In case you missed any, here they are:  Maurice Broaddus – Being Crazy, Christian, and Creative, Lucy Snyder, Doug Warrick, Jim C. Hines, Gary A. Braunbeck, Nate Southard, Delilah Dawson, Michelle Pendergrass, Steven Saus, Janet Harriett.  These folks are my heroes.

Rejecting Papa SMOFs – growing up black and geek has always been an issue of mine.  One I’m sure I’ll be coming back to in 2014.

Django Unchained and Fambul Tok reviews.  Originally they were meant to be one review.  I wanted to compare to approaches to handling the legacy of horrors that people inflict on each other.  Two sides of the same coin, Django Unchained is a revenge fantasy while Fambul Tok is a documentary on an on-goig mission to do the hard work of forgiveness.

Every now and then I like to pull back the curtain and reveal a little bit of what life is like in the Broaddus household.  Apparently the blog that managed to “explain a lot” about me was this one explaining why I seemed to drop off the planet for a while.  And led to my grandmother becoming a folk hero to many of my friends (my grandmother passed away unexpected a few months later.  We returned to Jamaica for the funeral).

Speaking of family, my kids were in rare form this year.  Although I co-wrote a story with my oldest.

I also managed to remind folks that social media was a loaded weapon, then declare that I was done arguing with folks online, just in time to write a non-controversial piece on the use of the N-word.  Yeah, that pretty much sums up my year on the blog.

[Facebook sums up my year this way.]