I recognize that you don’t love* me for me. We live in a “what have you done for me lately” world and I don’t blame you. So once again, I offer you free stuff.**

Dan Simmons has a new book coming out, Black Hills. That’s not what I’m offering. However, Drood is also coming out in paperback in February and in celebration of it, I’ve been tasked with giving away a few copies. First, a bit about Drood, which horror maestro Brian Keene listed at the top of his top ten books of 2009 list (in fact, allow me to quote/snag from Brian Keene’s blog):

Although those of us who’ve yearned for a good doorstop-sized novel have reason to rejoice this year, Drood might seem intimidating to a generation of readers weaned on quick, flash entertainment–at least at first glance. Put your fears aside. Drood is a thoroughly engrossing read that, despite its size, is over far too quickly. Narrated by Wilkie Collins, Drood is the story behind the story of Charles Dickens’ unfinished novel, The Mystery of Edwin Drood. In the aftermath of a grisly train crash, Dickens encounters a seemingly supernatural being that will soon alter his life drastically. Dickens’ obsession becomes Collins’ obsession as well, and their individual quests for the truth take the reader on a twisting ride, that will leave you guessing. Is he Jack the Ripper? Dracula, perhaps? A resurrected Egyptian pharaoh? A figment of the imagination? Something else? The prose is rich and textured, as are the settings and characterizations. Simmons does a remarkable job of capturing the era in which it takes place. This slow build drips with atmosphere, and the tension rises with each subsequent chapter. A masterful, mature work by a masterful, mature writer. I didn’t think Simmons could ever top The Terror, but he has. Read this!

I have five copies at my disposal. You should know the drill: give a shout out in the comments section of my blog and you’re entered. I’ll be accepting entries till the end of the month. I’ll draw five names out of a hat and your books will be shipped directly to you. U.S. residents only and no PO Boxes.

*Okay, “love” is a VERY strong word for what might better be described as “tolerate me enough to read me”.

**Because while splashing about in my fount of insecurities, I’m not above bribery.