I know that I’m on record as not seeing the value of a book tour.  I never wanted to be that writer standing behind a stack of books looking forlorn and abandoned as would be buyers walk on by (though at one point or another, we all are).  I’m more of a “go to where the fans are” as I don’t think I have the fanbase who would pour out in droves to come see me.  Still, I was out and about promoting King’s Justice at the westside Comic Carnival (ironically, only a block from where a good chunk of the Knights of Breton Court trilogy takes place.  In fact, the opening scene of Book III, King’s War takes place in the same strip mall).

I forgot to make one other caveat to my book tour rule:  if you have friends and family who are anxious to run out and show support (and most importantly, buy your books), give them the opportunity to do so.  Just a few sample pics:

Some folks from the church I grew up in showed up.  All told, I had folks from four different churches that

I had been to made appearances, causing the store manager to ask “Just how many churches have you

been kicked out of?”

My brother and my mother dropped by to show support.  And they brought the ruckus.  Although, they

both bought books (my mother cleaning up with all of the books) … and I charged them full price.

And there isn’t much that I can’t do when I have the support of good friends!

Next up, I’ll be speaking at a meet up of the single’s group of St Luke’s United Methodist Church (100 86th Street West Indianapolis, IN) on Wednesday April 13th:

Join us tonight as we host local Indianapolis author Maurice Broaddus.  Maurice is the author of many novels and short stories in the sci-fi, fantasy, and horror genre.  His recent series, “The Knights of Breton Court” just recently hit the shelves with the volume, “King’s Justice”.  He’ll be discussing his writings, a little bit about himself, and also give you a chance to ask some good questions.

Maurice has been the keynote speaker at many writing conferences and even hosts his own very popular convention here in Indianapolis every year called “Mo*Con“.

For more information about Maurice, visit his website at http://mauricebroaddus.com.

Doors open to the Parlor at 7 p.m. and Maurice will begin at 7:30 p.m.

Coffee served.

Childcare available.

$3 admission.

I’ll also be announcing announce another local signing before too long.  In the meanwhile, the rest of my convention season looks like this:

Mo*Con – Indianapolis, IN  May 20-22

Hypericon – Nashville, TN June 17-19

FandomFest – Louisville, KY July 22 – 24

GenCon – Indianapolis, IN August 4 – 7