It’s been a while since I’ve done a Break Glass in Case of Emergency post, you know, my version of “stones of remembrance” to remind me of truths for those dark times when I get all lost and tangled up.  Well this time the reminder came from my youngest son.  Besides him informing me that I’m “as gangsta as My Little Pony”, for Easter, he wrote me this note*:

Dear Dad,

Do you know who loves you?  If you guessed mom, you are right.  If you guessed Reese, you are right.  If you guessed your son Malcolm, you are right.

I love you so much because I know you love me, too.  You know become I come into your room and hug you and talk to you.  That’s how you know I love you.  I know you love me because you always hug and kiss me every time you go somewhere.

I hope you know that the rest of your family loves you, too.  And your beloved wife loves you a loooooooooot.

So you will have a good Easter with part of you r family and we all love you a lot.  We can’t ever tell you how much.  Happy Easter, Dad.

Love Malcolm.

Personally, I love his use of the word “beloved”.

*Because my sons spend way too much time around Alethea Kontis, the page is outlined with Xs and Os.