I thought that I’d post a G-mail chat that I had with a fan a couple days ago (posted with permission):

Laura: I just got the new Apex, read your story. Awesome.

me: thanks!

Laura: I liked it many levels.

me: wow. that’s cool

Laura: pure entertainment (always an important reason to read, in my opinion). also thought-provoking.

me: jason always gets the darker side out of me. (that’s the excuse i’m using for that story and the novella me and wrath wrote)

Laura: I heard about that on RLD. Congrats. I have a lot of respect for Wrath’s work.

me: it was a blast writing with him

Laura: can’t wait to see what you guys came up with. kinda skeered though. ha

me: you should be

Laura: no doubt. if it’s not scary, you did not do your jobs.

me: oh, believe me, the job got DONE. even wrath thought that i am going to get letters of complaint over it.

Laura: I’ll pray for wisdom and grace be given to you. to answer your enemies.

me: thanks

Laura: with logic that cannot be argued with

me: although, right now, “bite me” has been way up there on my list of retorts.

Laura: yeah ha. how can you argue with that?

me: exactly!

Laura: Back to the story

me: k

Laura: Broken Strand

me: yup. one of the rare times that i liked a title i gave a story, btw.

Laura: I did want to say that I thought it was significant that you made the power of choice an element of
righteousness. It grabbed my attention. and shook me by the neck.

me: it’s an argument that wrath and i had one day, about why an all powerful God “couldn’t” make a creation that conformed to his will.

Laura: yeah…not Stepford wives

me: his argument said this pointed to the fallacy that God was all powerful and mine pointed to the fact that without choice, it can’t be good or love. we’d be pre-programmed automatans. (me and wrath do this a lot)

Laura: Also, I thought you did an excellent job of making your main character one that the reader could identify with, whether they were believers or not. Because as you said, we’ve all made bad choices.

me: yup. i try to be very conscious of letting my main character be a guide into whatever universe i’m creating.

Laura: Because like CS Lewis used to say, Christendom desn’t need more Christians to write “Christian stories”…it needs Christians to write GOOD stories. Broken Strand was great. Nice work.

me: you truly, truly humble me.

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