Long time readers of my blog will remember that as part of the up and coming writer code, it’s important that you do one of two things: 1) randomly attack either Brian Keene or Nick Mamatas or 2) get an arch-enemy. Though I had temporarily resigned, it has been a while since I’ve checked in on my arch-enemy, Nick Kaufmann. So I’ve decided to check in and see what he’s up to (after all, you should always know where your enemies are and if they are being more successful than you. Remember, you’re only doing well if your friends and enemies are doing worse than you.)

Crap, his short story, “Mysteries of the Cure” from the Shivers V anthology, is getting decent buzz. I have been away for too long and neglecting my duties. As all young writers must know, there is a cabal of writers, the ‘circle jerk’ of in-crowd mid-list authors who are killing teh genre, who exists to keep them down. I have only recently received my ticket to the cool kids table, and I will be kicked out if Kaufmann isn’t successfully oppressed. I must learn more! Luckily he makes it easy to catch up on him with an interview over at FearZone.

His “State of the Genre” column for FearZone has become “Dead Air” for The Internet Review of Science Fiction. (And in his wise as a serpent way, he has not once mentioned me. NOT THAT I’VE BEEN READING IT!!!!) Double crap! Chizine sold out the limited edition of his new novella, Chasing the Dragon, which will be published in December. And now he has a mass market novel, Hunt at World’s End, out (it’s a new series of pulp adventures written by different authors under the pseudonym of “Gabriel Hunt”, but we know this one is Kaufmann).


*drops to knees and yells in best Shatner-esque voice*


Um, on the personal pimpage front, my story “Uncle Boogeyman” is now live in the Dark Recesses Press PDF Issue #11 with some special art from their featured artist Dholl. (Note, I made the cover of yet another magazine, writing under my pseudonym “Plus So Much More”).

I was also interviewed for the Flashes in the Dark website and I forgot to plug the seven question interview I had with the Writing Raw website.