I guess I’ve just kept walking through the wilderness long enough that eventually a path appeared. That path remains before me, its direction and character unknown. I am certain there will be twists and turns, unexpected conditions to navigate, places where the going gets hard and slow, and other spots where astonishing vistas may appear, inviting long contemplation and wonder.” –Chaplain Mike

About a month ago I was offered a full time staff position at a local ministry.  I was hesitant to share it because it seemed impossibly like a dream job:  working with urban kids to get them into college then provide a support system through college.  I’d get to work alongside the folks at Outreach Inc and their clients.  Giving back to the community, working towards racial reconciliation, teaching (especially writing)…it was too perfect.

Turns out the announcement would have been one of those “grand opening/grand closing” sort of things as the job had to be rescinded a few weeks later as their board voted and opted to move someone already a part of their organization over to my newly created spot.  Of course that came after I withdrew from a teaching program and turned down a different position offered by someone else after I received the ministry offer.   So … back to the drawing board.

As I take stock of the trajectory of my life lately, it feels like my time in vocational ministry type work is drawing to an end.  With the Cora Simmons prayer meeting ending (a monthly meeting where ministry workers from across the city would get together to network and pray for each other – something I’d been a part of nearly from the beginning), my time at Loving Accurately Ministry ending (a pastors prayer group, another ministry I was a part of nearly from the beginning), and the ministry position falling through, it hit like a 1, 2, 3 punch combination.

So it feels like I’m in a (two year long) season of chapters closing.  But in turning the page, a new chapter starts and I’m remaining open to what comes next.  Which I’m kind of excited about.