Set to debut at WorldCon, but now up for pre-order:

“Subletting God’s Head” by Tom Piccirilli

“The Cancer Catechism” by Jay Lake

“The Big Blue Peacock” by Nick Mamatas

“Kill the Buddha” by Elizabeth Twist

“Robotnik” by Lavie Tidhar

“Prometheus Possessed” by Matt Cardin

“Night Train” by Alma Alexander

“The Sandfather” by Richard Wright

“Sacrifice” by Jennifer Pelland

“Thou Art God” by Tim Waggoner

“Wishflowers” by Tim Pratt

“Coin Drop” by Richard Dansky

“Starter Kit” by R.J. Sullivan

“A Little Faith” by Max Allan Collins and Matthew Clemens

“The Revealed Truth” by Mike Resnic

“God’s Dig” by Kelly Eiro

“The Divinity Boutique” by Brian J. Hatcher

“The Birth of Pegasus” by K. Tempest Bradford

“All This Pure Light Leaking In” by LaShawn M. Wanak

“Fin De Siécle” by Gemma Files

“The Angel Seems” by Jeffrey Ford

“Magdala Amygdala” by Lucy A. Snyder

“A Strange Form of Life” by Laird Barron

“In Blood and Song” by Nisi Shawl and Michael Ehart

“Little Lies, Dear Leader” by Kyle S. Johnson

“I Inhale the City, the City Exhales Me” by Douglas F. Warrick

I will reiterate what I posted on Twitter not too long ago that diversity is not difficult to achieve if you have a diverse Rolodex* and a diverse life.  Jerry Gordon has a breakdown of some of the stats on his blog that you may find of interest.

*Yeah, I said Rolodex.  I also used to listen to things called records.