Those who follow me on Twitter kept up with this Broaddus family ritual. I thought I would provide a few pics for the blog:

i’m drinking my appletinis, cosmopolitans, and amaretto sours in dirty mugs. cause i’m manly that way.
7 pm – cheese fondue (w/ too much champagne) and jamaican patties
8 pm – shrimp cocktail
9 p.m. – chicken in riesling (or whatever leftover wine i had)
10 p.m. teriyaki chicken w/ raspberry glaze, thai bbq pork loin, and a bbq-hoisin pork loin.
11 p.m. – spice-rubbed steak with sweet/sour, champagne, mustard, and honey sauce.
12 a.m. just set the chocolate fondue on fire! happy new year!!!
mental note: must remember next year to do the complicated dishes BEFORE all the appletinis and cosmopolitans

[okay, as a point of clarification, there was a whole lot of wrong jokes flying around. one finally killed me. blame my sister.]

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