A friend of mine (and regular poster on my message board) wrote a poem that she said was inspired in part due to some conversations that we have had and a couple of sermons (few and far between that they are) that I gave. I thought that I would pass it along:

Dark Night of the Soul – May 9, 2005

Demons taunt me
Surround me
Haunt me

But I keep on trying
Keep my heart from dying
It’s not mystifying
Why I feel like crying

I am angry with my foe
Yet my fear still grows
No one can ever know
He said he loved me so

Can I ever be clean?
Can I be redeemed?
That’s not how it seems
This haunts me in dreams

There’s a scream in my throat
“I want you” he wrote
Words that should endear
Instead fill me with fear

Will I ever be loved?
Will I receive a hug
Without thoughts in my head
Filling me with dread?

Demons laugh in my face
“You know your place”
The trees have not seen
where my body has been

My heart feels cold
My Spirit grows old
In this dark night of the soul
Can I be made whole?

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