I just thought that I’d share a couple letters from the mailbag. I’ve been sitting on these for a while.

Hi Maurice,

I emailed you a couple weeks ago regarding an article
I was writing for my church newsletter. I wanted to
let you know that it was available online if you want
to check it out. Thanks for letting me use those
quotes. You wrapped up what I had been thinking about
these subjects succinctly and I couldn’t have said it
better myself.

Go to www.marshillchurch.org. Scroll down on the main
page to “new content” and click on March issue of
“VoxPop”. There is a PDF of the article there.

Thanks again.


And then there’s this one:

Maurice –
I was wondering if I could republish your post, “Miracle of the Black
Church: Ancient Future African Faith
” on TheOoze in our faith section? I
think it’s a piece theooze audience would be very interested in.

Alan Hartung
General Editor, THEOOZE

However, from the message board we have this:

Maurice: yeah, i just like being quoted. I AM SOMEBODY!!!
Chesya: All right, somebody stick a pin in that balloon head of his, so he can float his ass back down here with the rest of us.
Maurice: awwwww. for those that don’t understand chesya-speak, allow me to translate: maurice, as always, i am happy for you and congratulate you–with that slight bit of jealousy that i have for everything you do and accomplish–and wish you well with your continued success. i can only hope, nay, dream, that i can one day be the writer that you are. thank you for being an example to me and a role model for the children. because i know that’s why you do what you do … for the children.
Chesya: Maurice, your children pee in vents and you threaten to club their favorite stuffed toys. For the children, indeed. And dare I remind you that I am, in fact, the better writer.
Maurice: you know, i really didn’t think you’d be back on the board so soon. i figured i’d at least get through the weekend before you saw that.

I don’t have time to always check the comments all the places where this rant is posted. If you want to make sure that I see it or just want to stop by and say hi, do so on my message board.