Look, I’ve tried to see things from your perspective, I really have. I even gone through cycles of feeling bad for you, wishing you had a solid mentor, and believing you bring much of your grief upon yourself. You seem to have confused a large Internet presence with popularity, confusing notoriety of your behavior with you taking the industry by story, confusing being infamous for your stories with your lack of skill as a writer.

I honestly think that it is time for one of those end of self moments. Quit blaming everyone else for your own poor behavior and decisions. If insulting and threatening your peers in e-mail and on every message board you can, writing marginalized crap in the name of art (or giving away that crap online only to regret when it screws up print deals), or starting a message board or blog to spew your brand of venom from is how you want to go about carving out a career, good luck to you. Don’t blame anyone but yourself for why you have a laundry list of enemies. Your complaints about how people won’t let you succeed in your publishing career belies your poser-ish rage.

Sadly, a lot of people know your name, all for the wrong reasons.

It’s a simple lesson, really. Ignore professional standards, ignore professional behavior, and you will be ignored as a professional.

Here’s the rub: far too many insist on giving you what you want – attention. Sure you’re a fun diversion, if you’re into kicking around the pathetic or into watching train wrecks (which I’ll admit, I’ve enjoyed my share of online train wrecks). After all, you rarely fail to entertain – rising to every bit of bait, using up time better spent honing your craft rather than venting your inexhaustible bile. The things is, you’re a steel-toed boot one-note act; making people regret they ever took pity on a young up and comer and blurbed you (or in any other way was associated with being published alongside you).

No, I’m not on your hit list radar, not is this an invitation to be put on it. If we are truly measured by the quality of our enemies, you aren’t the ruler I want. I’m just tired of seeing your name. I’d be tired of seeing my name if it was alongside words like “misogynist,” “racist,” or “homophobe.” I’ve got stuff to do and stories to write. I can’t devote a whole blog to you; you are barely worth one entry much less a whole site. I don’t have that kind of energy, obsession, or passion towards you.

You aren’t worth my time to respond to. For that matter, of course a response to you validates you: it means you were worth responding to. Sadly, this will fall on deaf ears. So I’m not bothering to mention your name. That’s one less place for you to Google and find yourself pop up. Of course you think this blog is about you.


Another No Name Writer Trying to Procrastinate on Message Boards and Blogs Without Having to See Your Name Bandied About

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