DeathGrip: Exit Laughing is out – horror short stories that are also funny. Ah, look at this table of contents:

Time and Tide By d.g.k. goldberg & William D. Hicks
The Socket
By Jeff Strand
Period of Respite
By K. A. Corlett
The Chicken Crossed the Road
By Steve Vernon
Vestiges of Blessed Rot By Steven L. Shrewsbury *
Mrs. Mogiovi..s Mojo Pizza
By Jack Kincaid
Dumb Luck By Scott Nicholson
Grandma Saves the Day By Edward M. Turner
Confessions of a Porn Hack By Carl Hose
The Adverbing
By Robert N. Lee
A Gambler, a Dog and the Demons
By Dennis Latham
By Randy Chandler
Letting Go
By Kay Sexton
Unwilling Bride of the Mummy
By William Christopher
Accident Prone
By Terry Bramlett
Green Eyes and Chili Dogs By Kevin Anderson
The Man Who Stole Tomorrow
By Dan Foley

Since We Can Die but Once By Maurice G. Broaddus

Bags By Mark Zirbel Sanctuary By Steve Redwood
All the Wonderful Toys
By Matthew Johnson
Medium on the Rise
By Devon Monk
The Ultimate Coincidence
By Jetse de Vries
By Nick Cato
Hell’s Belles By Dayle A. Dermatis
Image in the Mirror By Ed Barton
Dead-Eyed Jacks By Robert N. Lee & John A. Burks, Jr.
On Becoming Immortal By William F. Nolan

I got jokes.

*Yes, I’m collaborating on a novel with a man who wrote a story about Jesus’ foreskin.

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