Off to Toronto and the World Horror Convention 2007. Internets, please pray for me. Not only am I taking my message board mod, Lauren David; artist, Carrie Rapp, and fellow writer, Debbie Kuhn, we’re stopping to pick up Chesya Burke from the Detroit airport.

They may not let us back into the country. For those looking for me at the con, if I’m not in the bar, I actually have a panel this go around.


(I’m on this one with Lucien Soulban!) This panel sounds vaguely familiar. I can only hope the moderator of this panel has a brilliant best friend who can write their questions for them.

Friday – 8:00pm-10:00pm: MASS SIGNING

I ain’t gonna lie: I’m just there to look pretty. I suppose I could sign your copies of Weird Tales, DeathGrip: Exit Laughing, and Dark Dreams II.

BTW, I’ve got no new news, so I thought I’d share some about some friends of mine:

Speaking of Lucien, WHC should feature the release of Horrors Beyond II from Elder Signs Press and his short story “Serenade.” Plus, he’ll showing off his new short story “Songs of the Mother” in the upcoming Dragonlance anthology: Dragons of Time.

Simon Wood just released the mass market paperback edition of his novel “Accidents Waiting to Happen.” Considering that I’ve been running around doing my impression of him, I suppose I ought to let folks know he’s now out and about.

Alice Henderson has been nominated for a Scribe Award for her Buffy novel “Portal Through Time.” Sure, she’s missing Mo*Con II to pick up awards.

Richard Dansky is featured in a new anthology — “Astounding Hero Tales“. John C. Hay just beat me out of an anthology. His story,”Return, My Heart, to the Sea,” is scheduled to appear in Sails & Sorcery: Nautical Tales of Fantasy, published by Fantasist Enterprises. However, since I’m also his first reader, I take full credit for its publication

To tide you over, my Intake column last week addressed “why we should pursue multi-cultural church” and this week I remember my time in the “Center for Leadership Development.”

So see you in a few days. A report sure to follow … assuming we’re allowed back into the country.


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