Written by: Alan Close
Art by: Alan Close
Published by: Dust Press
I’m always hesitant to review things that are explicitly “Christian.” My two concerns were 1) that far too many Christians create this bubble for themselves and are content to stay there, when our calling is exactly the opposite.; and 2) that when message is placed ahead of the art, you produce propaganda, not something honest. And when the word “Christian” is used as an adjective, to me, it signals more of the ghetto mentality. That’s my prejudice.
The idea of adapting Bible stories is cool; there are plenty of stories there to mine. Plus, it reminds me of the tradition of targums, any of several explanatory translations, paraphrasing, or interpretations of the Hebrew Scriptures. The key is to not be afraid to be creative with characters or perspective. It will remove the temptation to stick verses in characters mouths and call it dialogue. In short, stray from the strictures of “Scripture”. Allow for the fact that working in a different media will mean changes have to occur and realize that, like with Lord of the Rings, your changes will not stop the more zealous to shout “heresey”. Tell the story through a new character’s eyes and still stay true to the spirit of the story. A good adaptation will make people seek out the source material.
All that being said, Dust wasn’t what I feared it might be. Its moody art was reminiscent of Mike Mignola on Hellboy. The writing, while still tending toward too much exposition, shows promise. So the series has potential, I just hope the creators won’t be afraid to fully explore it.
We’ve created an entire sub-culture in our wake so that no one has to go outside the church for anything. We can service the Christian ghetto (when I was a kid, I wouldn’t have minded reading this while sitting in a pew while the sermon was going on) or we can aim to have truly engaging conversations with people.
I guess it boils down to who you want to have the conversations with.

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