For all those still butthurt over my “I hate Twitter” rant, I offer an olive branch of sorts. The folks at had me back on their show to rant about the impact of technology on relationships.

Episode 14: Keyboard Courage (Part 1)

Episode Synopsis
Maurice was back for a two part podcast on friendship and technology. If you’re reading this, you’re using some of the technology we talk about in this podcast. We considered the role of technology in creating community and/or false community. It was a lively discussion that turned into two podcasts.

Episode 15: Keyboard Courage (Part 2)

Episode Synopsis
We continued rolling the tape (even though we’re using a digital recorder) as we continued discussing the role of technology and relationships. Maurice shared about his experience with “fans” who cross the line in their pursuit of moving a “virtual” friendship into a “real” friendship.

In the “I’m so happy for you/I hate you” of my friends department, two quick announcements: Kelli Dunlap is pleased to announce that her first novel has been picked up by Larry Roberts of Bloodletting Press and will be published under the new imprint of Morning Star in 2009. She shoots, she scores. And I’m sure she’ll still be “happy dancing” at Mo*Con and we’ll get nothing useful out of her on any panels. Probably ditto with Lucy Snyder: Del Rey has purchased her first novel Spellbent and two of its sequels. Their tentative plan is to release Spellbent in early-to-mid 2009 and the other books in the trilogy will of course come later.

Do you know what happens when your friends start selling their first novels? It makes you want to pick up the pen and start working your butt off so that you can keep up.

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