First off, I am up with two new podcast appearances this week, both at The Round Table Podcast.  The first is a 20 minute interview with me (with one of the best introductions of all time).  The other one is a live workshop of a novel idea by a writer who needs to hurry up and finish his novel, Zach Ricks.  

Second, I was one of the winners of  Punchnel’s Zombific(a)tion! zombie story contest.  Here’s my story, Family Dinner.  Let us prey…

You always hated end-of-the-world stories. You loathed the idea of being one of the survivors. Better to be one of the nameless millions, lost and forgotten in the first wave of The End, whatever that end may be. At least their misery was over. Not wearing telephone books—finally they came in handy for something—duct-taped together as body armor while carrying an aluminum bat against thieves searching for an unguarded entrance. You do what you’ve always done. Pretend everything was okay, burying your feelings and reality, as deep as possible, desperate to cling to anything resembling normal.

You set a dish in front of your mother-in-law, careful to stay out of her gnashing reach while you arrange the place setting.

(continued on Punchnel’s site)